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A History of San Juan Del Sur

SJDS flag

Sure, San Juan del Sur is a surf-orientated region with beautiful beaches and landscapes. But did you know that San Juan del Sur also has a rich history with roots stretching back to the 16th century when Spanish conquistadors made use of the protected anchorage?

Then in the mid-1800 San Juan del Sur’s days were filled with gold prospectors eager to travel to California to seek their fortune.  A little later, waves of foreigners arrived to work with the Central and South American Telegraph that laid a submarine system of cables.   And in the early 1990’s San Juan del Sur’s train station was built connecting the town by rail to San Jorge, Managua and Granada. [Read more…]

Things That Could Happen to You in San Juan del Sur

Pos Prob

Definitely Won’t Happen

You’ll leave town without drinking the surfing kool-aid.

We’re going to let you in on a little secret.  Most people living in San Juan del Sur don’t surf.  But if you’re a traveler on holiday, chances are that you’ll at least give it a go one day. The beautiful beaches, warm waves and laid back surf culture are inviting.  Some might even call it irresistible.  (And even if you never get in the water, you can still follow the surfers guide to a blissful vacation in San Juan del Sur.  In fact we recommend it.)

Probably Won’t Happen

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7 Mouth Watering Delights in San Juan del Sur


01 Super Frutto Gelateria

It’s difficult to beat Italian ice-cream on a hot sunny day in San Juan del Sur.  Super Frutto serves up dozens of seasonal flavors all made in-house with fresh natural ingredients. Cup or waffle cone, mix and match, pick your topping.

02 Red Velvet Cupcakes at Gato Negro

The queen of all cupcakes has made its way to San Juan del Sur.  We heard it first directly from the mouth of owner/visionary Kelly at Gato Negro. Romantic red cake sponge with chocolate chips and homemade cream cheese frosting.  And for you chocoholics and coffee lovers, it’s worth noting that their Expresso Fudge Brownie combines four types of chocolate with lots of expresso.


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The San Juan Live Real Estate Marketplace is Live


We just opened up registration for the San Juan Live Real Estate Marketplace…we’re officially live now with the first set of properties for sale.

Here’s the link.

The Real Estate Marketplace is a customized listing service that connects Buyers looking for property in the San Juan del Sur region directly with Sellers who have listed their property for sale.

We’ve been working over a year on this and we’re really excited about it because it is going to completely change the way you can buy and sell property in Nicaragua.

Many of you have asked for this, so take a look.  We can’t wait to hear what you think.

Best Selfie Spots in San Juan del Sur

Photo Credit :  Keith Harper

Photo Credit : Keith Harper

Vibrant sunset over the ocean. Click. Perfectly shaped rolling waves. Click.  Lush exotic jungle. Click. Brightly colored colonial buildings. Click.

No question, San Juan del Sur is photogenic.  So whether you’re after an awesome selfie to make your friends jealous, or just a picture to capture the memory of your adventure in Nicaragua, here are a few of our favorite photo spots.

1. A Birds-eye View from the Jesus Statue

This is the best opportunity for a 360 degree of San Juan del Sur.  Standing almost 80 feet tall (24 meters), it’s the one of the tallest 10 Jesus statues on the planet.  And it’s perfectly positioned atop the rocky ledge of Pacific Marlin.  Believe it or not, it’s only a 45 minute walk from town. Visiting hours are 8am – 5pm and the entrance fee is $1 for Nationals and $2 for tourists. The photo of yourself and your friends towering above Nicaragua’s most picturesque bay…priceless.

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Parque Deportivo: Your answer to sports in San Juan del Sur

sports parkIf you’re looking for an inexpensive entertainment option that promises action and an authentic travel experience, consider catching a sporting event at the “parque deportivo”, sports park.

Located across from the beach on the southern end in between Cafetin Jugoso and the Barrio Planta Project, the sports park is San Juan del Sur’s only true sports facility. With the help of donors, it was built and is managed by Comunidad Connect.

Coconut venders sit outside the entrance gates and fisherman ride past on bicycles carrying their catch of the day. Children from Barrio Planta Project classes peak through classroom windows when sports are in play. And the teal blue bay is an ever present backdrop.

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Buddha’s Garden: From Field to Fork

Buddhas Garden Dinner.jpergRaw foodies and health nuts will love this sleek new space adjoining Zen Yoga. Bridget Perry and Matt Hamilton have brought healthy and conscious eating to San Juan del Sur with a cuisine that’s entirely 100% gluten, dairy and sugar free.

Their mission is:

To provide food and beverage options that offer complete nourishment for the body, mind and soul. We source our products from sustainable and organic sources and assure a wide variety of raw and vegan options to make even those who prefer meat think twice.

From seasonal green juices to hangover cures, the food is not only delicious, it’s guiltless.  Their wide variety of raw and vegan meal options make eating healthy a treat. In addition to salads, entrees and smoothies, they offer one, three and seven day juice cleanse packages.
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Announcing: 2 Content-Packed Real Estate Learning Centers

Buyer’s Learning Center

buyers-learning-center-originalJust a quick heads up to tell you about about the new Buyer’s Learning Center that we’ve put together.  If you’re interested in the Nicaragua real estate market you should take a look because you’ll find answers to the biggest questions about buying property here.

Click here for the Buyer’s Learning Center.

Seller’s Learning Center

sellers-learning-center-originalWe also have materials, checklists and step by step guidance for sellers – starting with the free report, “How to Sell Your Nicaragua Property Quickly.”  So if you have property to sell in Nicaragua, head to the Seller’s Learning Center.

Click here for the Sellers Learning Center.

If you’re looking to call San Juan del Sur home, exploring your retirement options or seeking out an investment property, we’ve got you covered. The San Juan Live Real Estate Marketplace puts you directly in contact with sellers who have listed their property for sale.

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What I’ve learned from living in San Juan del Sur for 7 years


Reflecting back on the version of myself that moved to town 7 years ago, I cringe at my naivety. Ignorance is most certainly bliss. I don’t think I even knew what dengue fever was when I moved here.  But in the same vein, I am thankful for all the things that blossomed with experience.  There’s a big difference between trying to make a living here and trying to make a life. 

A healthy life in San Juan del Sur is founded on authentic friendships, compromise and gratitude. It exposes weakness, disregards prestige and has no room for pride.   At times it calls for humility and others courage – sometimes in the same day.  Over the years my attitude has changed. It’s not better, or worse, it’s just different.  My filter of expectations has adjusted and I’m a lot happier for it.

So in no particular order, here are a few nuggets of wisdom that took me far too long to learn.  

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Hostel Clandestino: It’s Where You’d Rather Be


Photo Credit : Ale Romo

One of the perks of living in San Juan del Sur is that any given day has the potential for a unique experience. Nicaragua’s raw natural beauty and untamed wildlife inspires visionaries with a passion for nature.  Every day brings new travelers from all ends of the earth.

And every once in a while, travelers connect with locals to create something that enables a rare connectivity to nature.  The Nica Chill Surf & Yoga Retreat at Hostel Clandestino is one of those special experiences. [Read more…]