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Why Natural Building Techniques Matter In Nicaragua

A multitude of factors are converging to make natural building techniques the right choice for construction in Nicaragua.

But are these techniques right for your dream home?

In this video, Austin Drill of Casa de Tierra explains the reasons why natural building is taking off in Nicaragua and walks you through some of the specific techniques that he has used with great success in San Juan del Sur. [Read more…]

Moving to San Juan del Sur with school-age kids? You’re in luck.

When you’re a parent with school-age kids, moving to San Juan del Sur as an expat has an added challenge: How do you ensure that your kids get a good education?

In fact the list of things you want your child to learn at school is a long one. So long that you may be worried that you might not find the right fit for your family’s needs.

If this is something you’re anxious about, spend a few minutes watching the video below because it will help put your fears to rest.

In the video Brooke talks with Julie Speier, founder and director of San Juan Day School about the kind of experiences and education that kids have at the school.


In the video you’ll discover:

  • Why Julie decided to set up a school in San Juan del Sur.
  • How the school has “grown with the children” since it’s founding in 2009.
  • Exactly how the classes and teaching methods at the school “develop and nurture the whole child”.
  • How the school embraces and appreciates the culture and history of Nicaragua.
  • How an ongoing needs-based scholarship program with Escuela Adelante helps local children in the community.
  • How the school is evolving into a 12th grade international English school (and how a 30 acre farm provides an amazing environment for education).

Check out the video:video-optin-sanjuandayschool

Location, Price and Enrollment Details:
The school is located in San Juan del Sur. The school operates year round and the class schedule is 8am – 4pm Monday through Friday.  For more information on enrollment visit the website.

6 Reasons to Choose Nicaragua for your Destination Wedding

Toronto Photographer

Two Of You Photography

Getting married?

Why not consider tying the knot in an exotic locale away from your hometown?

Nicaragua’s got my vote and here are 6 great reasons why:

1. Do the Math

You can’t ignore the low price tag of a destination wedding in Nicaragua.  Run the numbers and you’ll probably find that traveling to Nicaragua with your partner and close loved ones will cost much less than the typical 150 guest wedding on your home turf.  Many resorts in Nicaragua offer attractive all-inclusive wedding packages combining lodging, dining, wellness services and a memorable celebration. Even after you add the cost of air-fare for friends and family, the expenses could easily be less than saying “I do” in the US.  For example, check out this unbelievable wedding deal from Villas de Palermo starting at just $1,000.

[Read more…]

Escuela Adelante: A New Kind of International School

Princeton Volleyball

Photo Credit : Jessica Gildersleeve

Escuela Adelante developed organically from free English classes based out of the Biblioteca Mobile. Co-founding director Carrie Valladares, an attorney for Microsoft in Seattle, envisioned bringing international education standards to San Juan del Sur in the form of a new type of international school. With program guidance from co-founding director Jamie Hunter, an American teacher and San Juan del Sur resident with a masters degree in education and child development, and the support of a dedicated teaching staff, the program has blossomed into the vibrant bilingual language learning center that it is today.

Free Bonus: Are you interested in volunteering at a non-profit like Escuela Adelante? Don’t forget to grab our list of charitable organizations active in San Juan del Sur so that you can volunteer on your next visit.

The program is a 2 year English language course taught in congruence with the ESL course at UPOLI (Universidad Politecnica de Nicaragua) with books sourced from the Oxford University Press.  The school is accessible and has a locally tailored fee structure to establish a sense of worth to the program but without prohibiting attendance from any eager local student. [Read more…]

The Art is in the Streets

San Juan del Sur isn’t exactly known for its booming art scene.  But what it lacks in art galleries it makes up for in brightly painted homes, wall murals and creatively decorated storefronts.  Walk through the streets and you’ll see signs of artistic expression on just about every block.

So keep your eyes peeled and mind open.  This is one creative town.  Here are a few of our favorites…

Gato Negro

El Gato Negro

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The Essential Guide to the Best Neighborhoods on Nicaragua’s Southern Pacific Coast

neighborhood-guide-coverLocation! Location! Location!

It’s perhaps the most commonly recited real estate tenet. The mantra is repeated three times because it’s a crucial factor in defining the value of a property.

And so if you’re considering living and investing in Nicaragua it’s essential that you spend some time researching the different locations and neighborhoods.

To help you with this, we’ve created a free guide to the most sought after neighborhoods on Nicaragua’s Pacific Coast.

The guide gives you:

  • Insight into which locations offer the optimum combination of value and amenity.
  • An up-to-date snapshot of median prices for lots and houses to help you understand the market.
  • Better understanding of where you should focus your attention.
  • A sample of real estate listings for each neighborhood.
  • A path to clearer decision making about where to live and invest in Nicaragua.
Click Here For Your Neighborhood Guide

Whether you’re just getting out of the gate with your interest in Nicaragua or you’re a regular visitor, you’ll find it an invaluable guide.

In fact, you should go ahead and grab it even if you’ve already bought a property here – it’s a fantastic primer on the real estate market and will give you insight into your own property value.

How To Get Awesome Deals In San Juan del Sur

deals-and-coupons-san-juanAt the end of last year we produced our first deal directory full of awesome deals on quality products and services.

It’s really taken off and we’ve been receiving more coupons, getting requests for more deals and hearing great feedback from our subscribers.

So we’re releasing another edition… that’s bigger and better.

Subscriber Bonus: Get a free copy of the latest Deal Directory and save money in San Juan del Sur.

Here’s what you need to know:


The Deal Directory is available free to our subscribers. It’s packed with hand-picked deals and coupons so that you can save on the best places to eat, drink, get active & have fun in San Juan del Sur.


Flip open the Deal Directory and you’ll find deals on local hotels, restaurants, legal services, yoga, babysitting, Spanish lessons, spa services, canopy tours, fishing tips, surf rentals and more…

The deals are from great local businesses run by local residents passionate about providing the best products and services. (If you are a local business that wants to offer deals, contact us here.)


If you’ve read The Insider Guide you’ll know that we want to do our bit to help put quality local businesses in San Juan del Sur on the map. That’s not only because spending locally helps strengthen the local economy and community, but because it also gives you a more direct and authentic experience of this sunny corner of the world.


Here’s the link to download the bigger, better and shinier San Juan Live Deal Directory.

15 Reasons Why Investors Are Buying Real Estate In Nicaragua

“Why did you buy real estate in Nicaragua?”

It’s a question we’ve been asking since 2002, when we first started working in the Nicaragua real estate sector.

In that time we’ve found that some people make the decision to buy based on hard logic and a calculator, while others connect with the country on an emotional level.

Some pick out one reason and tell us, “Yes that’s why I bought property,” while others build a broader investment case.  Some have deeply personal stories that drive them to seek out something new; others buy for more objective reasons.

But despite all the different personalities and backstories, over the years we’ve noticed the same set of reasons and the same underlying concepts appear again and again.

So we decided to set them out in this short video.



Here’s what to do next

Ready to find great property deals in Nicaragua and get your questions answered?

Follow these steps:

Video transcript

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San Juan del Sur Loves Volleyball

USA vball coloring booksMG_3519

Did you know that Bring It Promotions Volleyball Agency has hosted over 30 college and club volleyball teams from the United States in Nicaragua?  And did you know that all 30 have come to San Juan del Sur?

That’s right, since 2007 teams from all over the US have taken on the Nicaragua national and junior teams right here in San Juan del Sur’s Parque Deportivo.

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An Update on the Casa Llanta Fund

Casa Llanta FundSince 2007 our community outreach has evolved from the distribution of school and sports supplies to a multi-front education-centered foundation called the Casa Llanta Fund.  We’ve always taken a grass roots approach to problem solving real life issues that exist in our community and we’ve grown with the needs of our neighbors.  

So what exactly does the Casa Llanta Fund do and where does the money go? Here’s a status update on our key initiatives:

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