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How To Take Charge Of Your US Expat Taxes

final-cover-thumbIn this interview Claudia Gonella and David McKeegan talk about IRS tax filing requirements facing US expats living in Nicaragua. David McKeegan is co-founder of Greenback Expat Tax Services, a business that focuses on helping US expats with their tax preparation.

In this 23 minute session, Claudia and David cover:

  • Exactly what forms you need to file.
  • All the credits and deductions eligible for expats.
  • What expats need to know about owning foreign bank accounts.
  • How to avoid getting tripped up on IRS penalties and fines.
  • 3 ways you can easily catch up on your tax filing if you are behind.
  • And a surprising find on how Obamacare impacts expats.

You’ll come out of the session with a better understanding of what to do about US taxes as an expat and how you can make the filing process less stressful and time-consuming. [Read more...]

Ladies & Gentlemen BRUSH Your Hair


Brush is a hair salon with a love for the surf, the sun, the sand and your hair.   Originally founded by Justin Bobby Brescia in California, the Ladies and Gents Hair Salon in San Juan del Sur opened in 2013 and is now in the creative genius hands of Natasha Lazdins, an award winning Australian hairstylist.

Brush offers all types of styling, cutting and coloring for any type of hair, whether it’s sun-kissed or not.  Located almost directly in the center of town, only one block off the main beach road in San Juan del Sur. [Read more...]

La Carreta: A Smokin’ Party on Monday Nights


Located on a choice corner on the only road leading into San Juan del Sur and the beach, La Carreta Bar y Restaurante is where it’s at on Monday nights.  It’s no secret that this corner bar has seen a few face lifts over the years, but we’ve never seen it as hopping as it currently is under Claus’ management. [Read more...]

Two Free Tickets to Pitaya Fest for a Lucky San Juan Live Subscriber


Winner: Congratulations to Ricardo Claro! Get free email updates from San Juan Live for a chance to win future prizes.

It’s coming.  Pitaya Fest 2014.  With a fantastic lineup of live music, great food, local art and handmade crafts, Pitaya Fest is THE place to be on Saturday, March 15th.

And here’s the best part – you can go to the fest for free.  Yes, totalmente libre.   Pitaya Fest has partnered with San Juan Live to offer two free tickets to one of our lucky subscribers.

Now how do you win these awesome tickets?

Simple.  All you have to do is be on our email list.  Get our updates on San Juan del Sur delivered via email for free (we hate spam, so don’t worry about that) and you could win the free tickets.  And if you’re already a subscriber, no worries – you’re already eligible to win.

We’ll pick a winner at random from San Juan Live subscribers on Wednesday, March 12th.  We’ll notify you via email and you’ll have 24 hours to claim your tickets.  Otherwise we’ll draw again and give them to the next subscriber in line.

So all you have to do is click here to sign up for updates, and you’re eligible to win.  Oh and get your festival partner to subscribe as well for a greater chance of winning.  Good luck!

Pitaya Fest
Playa Hermosa – Saturday, March 15th .
It all kicks off at 3pm.
Pitaya Fest Website
Pitaya Fest Facebook Page

Pitaya Fest: A Smokin’ Party & Festive Fundraising


Photo Credits : Justin Courter

Entering its sixth year as Nicaragua’s premier music and sustainability festival, and the only one of its kind, this year’s Pitaya returns to Playa Hermosa on March 15th – bringing romping and raging, fun-in-the-sun, and full moon festivities for locals and tourists of all ages. Pitaya Fest will transform the community of El Carizal into a rock n’ roll haven complete with national and international live music, a selection of cooperatives spanning Nicaragua from Ostional to Managua and a variety of specialty cuisines from your favorite restaurants in San Juan del Sur.
[Read more...]

The Top 10 Reasons We Love the Dry Season in San Juan del Sur

The ‘dry season’ in Nicaragua starts in November and ends when the rains begin to fall in late May. The driest months are March and April and temperatures range from 85 to 90 degrees (28 – 30ºC).

We’re in the middle of the dry season here in San Juan del Sur and as we like being timely, we thought we’d set out the top 10 highlights of the season.

1. Calling all snowbirds

The dry season in Nicaragua coincides with winter in the US, Canada and Europe. If you’re tired of ice and freezing temperatures, book your plane ticket to Nicaragua and soak up the heat.  The dry season guarantees your fill of warm weather and sunshine. [Read more...]

The Essential Legal Steps to a Secure Property Purchase in Nicaragua

cover-image-thumb-legal-stepsInexpensive property… a low cost of living… great weather… gorgeous landscapes… a more laid back lifestyle… an opportunity for reinvention… it’s easy to see why so many people are interested in buying property in San Juan del Sur.

But many investors don’t take the time to understand the legal steps they need to take to ensure their interests are protected.

Eduardo Cabrales Cuadra, attorney with Garcia & Bodan, has focused on real estate for his entire professional life so he’s the perfect person to guide you through the process of buying property in Nicaragua to ensure the purchase goes smoothly and your investment is secure. [Read more...]

All You Need is Love


Valentine’s Day is one of those emotional holidays that people either love or hate.  Either way, it’s here to stay.

In North America, the candy hearts, lovey-dovey messages and Valentine cards seem to appear on grocery store shelves the day after Christmas. In Nicaragua the Valentine vibe is much less apparent. But we’re noticing that ”Día del Amor y la Amistad” (Spanish for “Day of Love and Friendship”) is becoming more celebrated in the region.

Children in San Juan del Sur don’t typically exchange Valentines at school, but the local businesses in town are starting to jump on board the celebration by offering cupid themed specials on February 14th.

Whether you’re observing 50 years of marriage or just looking for a dance partner, we’ve consolidated a list of Valentine’s Day specials around San Juan del Sur to spread the love. [Read more...]

Talkin’ About a Resolution: How to Succeed in San Juan del Sur in 2014

hammock timeAs we creep into February, I’ve started to notice some slippage in my new year’s resolutions.  We are all guilty of it.  The new year provides an opportunity for self reinvention and gives us the impetus to set new habits. But our goals quickly fade, buried under our day-to-day tasks, forgotten.  

But it doesn’t have to stay that way. I would like to remind everyone that it’s never to late to set a new year’s resolution and never to late to keep to one.  

Here are 5 suggestions to help you succeed in San Juan del Sur in 2014. [Read more...]

10 Steps to Becoming Better at Surfing in San Juan del Sur


  1. Surf
  2. Surf some more
  3. Surf the next day
  4. Surf even if you didn’t catch a wave on your last session
  5. Surf when the waves are small
  6. Surf even when they feel bigger than your comfort zone
  7. Surf with an expert local surfer to pick up some tips (we can help)
  8. Surf when you feel you’re making progress
  9. Surf when you don’t
  10. Keep surfing

One of the reasons why the San Juan del Sur area of Nicaragua is such a standout spot for surfing is the consistent offshore breeze. It holds up the waves and gently sculpts them into a perfect shape for surfing.  Also the water’s warm, the waves are un-crowded and there are breaks to suit all levels.

Hat tip.