A Tropical Concierge Mid-week Vacation to the Emerald Coast

IMG_3762 (1)When Kenny, owner and founder of Tropical Concierge called me on Tuesday asking if I wanted to go on a road-trip to the Emerald Coast to surf and play golf, my response was, “when?”  To which he answered, “tomorrow”.  That was all the convincing I needed.  I felt like it would be foolish to pass up an opportunity for a mid-week vacation with one of the best chef and surf-instructors in San Juan del Sur.  

Early the next morning I loaded my truck with all the necessary Nicaraguan road-trip essentials; surfboard, handcrafted nylon string guitar from Volcan Music, swim gear, flip-flops, sunscreen and an empty cooler which we’d obviously fill up at Maxi Pali in Rivas on the way out of town.  

IMG_8298 (1)Kenny had wrangled a good deal on Casa Las Colinas, a beautiful vacation rental home located directly on the golf-course’s signature hole. The 4-bedroom and 3 bath house had a huge 2nd floor balcony with views of the course, surrounding wildlife and an uninterrupted night sky.  The private pool was perfect for dipping and drinking.  The island-bar style kitchen invited socialization with the chef.  The wifi was reliable and fast.  The air-conditioning and hot-water showers were wonderful but certainly not needed. The random collective of 6 people that Kenny had invited on this last minute road-trip had plenty of private space. The house was literally designed for vacationing.  

What I didn’t realize until I got to the house was that we had embarked on a full service typical Tropical Concierge vacation.  The surfboards at our disposal had a variety of sizes and shapes.  The golf clubs and balls were ready to tee-off.  And when we finished with all those activities, creative appetizers, fun fruity drinks and deliciously fresh cooked meals flowed throughout the course of the next 48 hours.  

No planning needed.  No logistics to worry about.  And only one bill to pay at the end of the day.  For an over-planner like myself, I was keenly aware of the effort Kenny had invested to ensure a smooth and effortless, albeit last minute, mid-week vacation.  

So whether it’s your first time visiting Nicaragua, or you’re an expert on the region, you might want to consider a Tropical Concierge appointment with Kenny for gourmet chef services (and surf guidance) on your next vacation. 


  1. Brooke, I’m so happy and excited that you are invited to and get to partake in so many fun local activities! How awesome! I also just saw you on House Hunter’s International. You looked wonderful!!! And lovely!

    • Brooke Rundle says:

      There’s never any shortage of fun adventures in Nicaragua! Thanks for checking out the article.