Video Interview: What you need to know before you build a home in Nicaragua

You want to design your dream home in Nicaragua, and take advantage of the lower construction costs. But you live in the US and can’t just hop on a flight every time you want to see how the building is progressing.

You want to feel confident in the builder, confident in the construction supervisor and confident of the construction methods.  Fortunately there are ways to navigate the home building process and we’ve asked Will Pattison from GroupoMax, for his best advice to ensure a smooth experience.

GroupoMax has built over 50 projects in the area from custom homes (like these lovely ocean view casitas) to multi-level commercial buildings and hotels, so he’s the perfect person to get your questions answered.

Will ends the interview with some great insights on starting a business here.  So make sure you watch until the end.

In the video you’ll discover:

  • What you can expect to pay per square foot to build a custom house in San Juan del Sur to US standard construction and finishes.
  • How to save money building a home in Nicaragua.
  • Why it’s so important to have your architect or designer visit your lot before they complete the house plans.
  • How to go about getting the permits you need.
  • What to do if you can’t be in the country to monitor the construction process.
  • Key similarities and differences between building a home in Nicaragua compared to the US.
  • How to avoid making mistakes and ensure you have a smooth experience.

Thanks for watching this interview with Will on building in Nicaragua.  If you’re interested in investing in real estate, you should take a look at properties available for sale, get up to date with market comps by downloading this real estate market report and head to the Buyer’s Learning Center to get answers to frequently asked questions about investing here.


  1. Carole Sequeira says:

    I saw your video with Will of Groupomax Construction Company; it was great.

    I am here in the United States (Maryland), and my husband-to-be is presently in San Juan Del Sur.

    Both of us were in San Juan Del Sur back in April of this year looking for homes or property to build for our retirement.

    Please give me information on how I can contact Groupomax Construction since my hubby-to-be would like to meet with one of their representatives on constructing our retirement home before coming back to the States.

    Thank you.

    • Brooke Rundle says:

      Thanks for commenting. We’re pleased that you found the video helpful. I’ll send you an email to connect with Will and GroupoMax Construction Company.

  2. Julie Derber says:

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