Learn About Buying Real Estate in Nicaragua

San Juan del Sur is evolving into the real estate hub for the entire southern Pacific coast of Nicaragua with investors attracted by the enticing coastline, pink sunsets and dramatic ocean views.

From ocean view lots overlooking the horseshoe bay, remote eco-inspired fincas in the hills, landmark homes on high bluffs or low key property close to surf breaks, there's something to suit everyone.

This is still an early-in real estate destination. The asking prices for lots, condos and houses in San Juan del Sur are consistently lower than the premier coastal locations in Costa Rica, Belize or Panama.

If you're looking to call San Juan del Sur home, exploring your retirement options, searching for an investment property or you just want to learn what all the fuss is about, we've got you covered:

Answers to the biggest questions we get asked about buying property in Nicaragua and San Juan del Sur

Buying Property in Nicaragua: Articles From the Blog

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