The Casa Llanta Fund

The Casa Llanta Fund is a non-profit organization that supports aspiring students and local artisans in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. Since 2009 we've partnered with locals on projects both big and small - from supplying textbooks and university scholarships to starting cooperatives that employ women and people with disabilities. Our mission is to combat social marginalization by empowering people with education and employment. Now you can join the movement!

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Learn about our community initiatives!

  • Textbooks

    The Casa Llanta Fund provides textbooks for the students attending Escuela Adelante in San Juan del Sur. This school is dedicated to honoring the unique needs of students of all ages – whether it means preparing for a successful career as an entrepreneur or preparing for a university degree.  Supplying books for the students in this program is critical to the success of the students. 

  • Manos Unidas

    Manos Unidas is a co-op of adults with mental disabilities who make and sell reusable grocery bags.  The co-op, supported by the Casa Llanta Fund, provides jobs and education to people with mental and physical disabilities in San Juan del Sur. All earnings from product sales go towards the payment of fair wages for the co-op participants. Visit the Manos Unidas website to learn more.

  • Scholarships

    With the proceeds from the Pitaya Festival, the Casa Llanta Fund established a program called “Becas del Carizal” in 2012.  “Becas,” or scholarships, are provided to any aspiring child or young adult in El Carizal who wishes to continue education but is unable to afford it. We currently have 6 students receiving university scholarships. Meet our scholarship students below. 

  • Chicas Fuertes

    To promote gender equity and foster leadership, confidence and civic engagement through organized sports for young women in Nicaragua. The Chicas Fuertes Initiative provides a safe and structured environment for Nicaraguan girls to play sports and participate in activities that promote healthy lifestyles in rural communities.

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Get to know our students on scholarship!

My father is a fisherman. My mom works in a kitchen. I have been working in construction since I was 17 years old. It has been my dream to have my own business instead of working for other people. This scholarship has changed my life. I am the first person in my family to go to university. It is a big opportunity for me that I do not take for granted.  I would never be able to go to university without the help of the Casa Llanta Fund.

Jose Eliseo
Jose Eliseo Major: Architecture, Engineering & Construction

My father passed away when I was 7 years old. My mom works in Carizal women's cooperative. During the week I work full time in construction. It is very hard physical labor. I want to learn English to have new job opportunities in the tourism industry.

Rony David Coronado Monestel
Rony David Coronado Monestel Major: English

I was born in the Carizal but I live in Las Delicias.  I am studying to get a master's degree in Agriculture and Veterinary.

Gabriel Mena
Gabriel Mena Major: Agriculture & Veterinary

I was born in the community of El Carizal, but I currently live in Barrio Holmann with my 5 year old son Antony. I applied for the scholarship to change the financial situation of my family. I am the first person in my family to go to university.  I am studying business administration at UPOLI.  Some day I hope to get a good job in a bank or hotel in San Juan del Sur.

Heisel Bojorge
Heisel Bojorge Major: Business Administration

I live in the Carizal with my mother and brother. I am the first person in my family to go to university.  I am currently studying in school, but some day I hope to become an engineer.  The scholarship pays for my school tuition, transportation and text books. Without the scholarship, I would not be able to go to school.

Tatiana Lisbeth Lopez
Tatiana Lisbeth Lopez Major: English

I live in the community of El Carizal and I have a scholarship to attend WISPAM. I'm studying to complete a 5 year degree in finance. I work a full time job during the week and attend school on the weekends. The scholarship covers my transportation, tuition and text books. I am very thankful to have this scholarship because I am in the first person in my family to attend university. My dream is to work in a bank one day.

Yoselin del Carmen Ruiz Leiva
Yoselin del Carmen Ruiz Leiva Major: Finance

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