What’s the climate like in San Juan?

The San Juan del Sur climate is largely a function of elevation and does not vary greatly with the seasons. From sea level to 2,460 ft (750 meters) daytime temperatures average 86°F (30°C) to 91°F (33°C) and night temperatures fall to 69°F (20°C) to 75°F (24°C) for most of the year.

Given its latitude just a few degrees north of the equator, San Juan del Sur has equal hours of daylight and darkness throughout the year. The driest months are December to April when there is little or no rain, days are reliably sunny and warm and nights are clear. The dry season is known locally as verano (summer). Deciduous trees shed their leaves to later erupt with pink or yellow blossoms. Towards the end of the season the streams dry up and dust can reduce visibility.

Although wet and dry seasons are becoming more unpredictable, the rains typically start in May, quickly turning the landscape a bright green. The wet season is referred to as invierno (winter) or “green season” and lasts to November. The rains tend to be heaviest in September and October and lightest in July and August. But even during the wettest periods, the rains rarely last for more than a few hours, clearing quickly. January and February have the most wind, but again it typically doesn’t blow all day, even on windy days.

For more information on the climate and when to visit, check out the infographic below. You’ll also find it on page 48 of the Insider Guide to San Juan del Sur in the planning section. The whole guide is packed with advice that will save you days of trial and error and help you get more from San Juan del Sur from the moment you arrive.


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