Comunidad Connect: A Model of Sustainable Tourism

The mission is simple.

Comunidad Connect supports Nicaraguan communities by matching social, economic and environmental opportunities with local and global resources.

Comunidad Connect

Photo Credit: Justin Courter

Funded by donations and tourists attempting to make minimal environmental and cultural impact, the organization strives to protect the environment, educate youth and generate future employment for local people. Since its foundation in 2006, it is impossible to quantify the magnitude of positive impact that this organization has had on San Juan del Sur over the years. Take a stroll through town and you will see its footprints in the recycling bins thoughtfully placed along the beach to the handmade recycled art products produced by the organizations’ women’s co-ops and sold in a range of hotels.

The program has three components:

Parque Deportivo, or “Sports Park”, is San Juan del Sur’s only outdoor sports center renovated and managed by Communidad Connect. Since 2007, the Parque Deportivo has played host to 16 futsala leagues, 4 basketball leagues and dozens of international women’s volleyball games and children’s clinics. Over 1200 local children and adults participate each year and approximately 2500 enthusiastic fans visit the Sports Park each month.

Campo Verdeor “Green Countryside”, is a dedicated environmental program with a broad portfolio of environmental projects. Credited with the conception of San Juan del Sur’s first Municipal Recycling Program, the organization has also launched several other environmental initiatives including the distribution of water filters, beach clean-ups, rural garbage collection, and reusable bag campaigns.

Comunidad Connect

Photo Credit: Justin Courter

Tourismo Sostenible, or Sustainable Tourism, is a program designed for visiting volunteers to connect with and give back to the local community in ways which serve the local community and environment in which they are vacationing. A reliable network of local families offer home-says and meals for those long term volunteers who want to really experience the Nicaraguan flavor of life. Independent placements, home-stays and group trips are available year-round.

Donation Needs:
Sports Equipment
Sports uniforms for teams
Ball pumps
School Supplies
Laptops & Tablets
Educational games
English Books
Spanish Books

Comunidad Connect
SW Corner of Central Park
San Juan del Sur
Office: 2568-2731

Comunidad Connect is a registered 501(c)(3) organization.