Da Flying Frog Canopy Tour: Zip Through the Trees Tarzan-Style?


Photo Credit : Lauren Stocker

Feel the need to set your pulse racing? Always wondered what it would be like to zip through the trees Tarzan-style? Then take to the hills behind the Palermo neighborhood for a Canopy Tour with Da Flying Frog.

As you step out of the jeep at the top of the hill you’re in for your first treat: A spectacular view of San Juan del Sur’s story-book horseshoe bay. It’s worth pausing here for a while to take it all in.

Then, get ready for your adrenaline rush.

You may be a little apprehensive at first. I certainly was as I stood on the first platform looking sceptically up at the taut wire above my head and tugging nervously at my harness clips, thankful that there were two of them. I peered through the trees desperately searching for the next safe perch.

I couldn’t see it…

Yet I jumped – absurdly worrying about my zipping style – and whizzed down to the next landing platform. A few traverses later I was whooping euphorically.

The canopy tour consists of 16 cables swooping between the trees connecting 17 platforms. With each safe landing my confidence gained and I started to look around for howler monkeys as the foliage blurred past. I heard them before I saw them; high overhead looking down from their treetop domain.

I wasn’t ready for ninja stunts like hanging completely upside down, but I did try the “superman.” I also learned that you can speed up by doing a “cannonball” – tucking your legs in towards your chest to reduce friction.

But buzzing along the wires at a normal pace is more than enough to pump the adrenaline. The tour covers 2.5 km (1.5 miles). The longest cable is 328 meters (1050 feet) and the highest passes over a 70 meter (225 feet) deep canyon.

Whoop inducing? Most certainly.

Da Flying Frog Canopy Tour is open Monday to Saturday from 8am until 4pm, closed on Sundays. The cost is US $30 per person. Be sure to bring your camera, a few extra cordobas for an ice cold drink at the end of the tour and wear closed toed shoes. Click here to book your Canopy Tour.