What documents do I need to sell my property?

When you are getting ready to sell your property, you need to get your title documents together.  Having this information ready to email or fax to potential buyers will often make the difference in selling your property quickly. You don’t want title issues to be the reason the deal falls apart.


  1. A copy of your registered title deed.  (In Nicaragua the Spanish term is: Escritura)
  2. A copy of the receipt or certificate showing you paid your real property taxes the last time they were due. This will also let your buyer estimate the cost of the real property taxes. (In Nicaragua the Spanish term is: Solvencia Municipal)
  3. An official document from the Registry showing that there are no liens or encumbrances on the property. (In Nicaragua the Spanish term is: Libertad de Gravamen)
  4. A copy of the survey for your land that you received when you purchased your land.  (In Nicaragua the Catastro is the office where property surveys are approved)
  5. Copies of a few months of utility bills. Buyers always want to know how much your pay for utilities.
  6. If the land is in a development, a copy of the Home Owner’s ByLaws, together with a receipt showing your Home Owner’s dues are paid to date.

If you have a caretaker or employees that work on your property, it’s a good idea to provide a list of responsibilities and wages so that the buyer can evaluate whether they will retain these services and also have an estimate of how much it costs to maintain the property.

It makes sense to hire an attorney to help you draw up the Sales Contract and get your title documents together.  If you were happy with the attorney who assisted you as a buyer, consider him or her.  You can also contact us for an introduction to a lawyer in San Juan del Sur.

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