What restrictions exist on foreign ownership of property in Nicaragua?

With the exception of property located within 5km of the borders, there are no restrictions on foreigners owning property Nicaragua.

Law 344 establishes equal treatment of foreign and domestic investment; eliminates restrictions on the way in which foreign capital can enter the country; and recognizes a foreign investor’s right to own and use property without limitation. In addition there are no restrictions on foreigners running businesses in Nicaragua and the law allows for 100% foreign ownership in every economic sector.  Article 27 of the constitution also confirms the principle that foreigners have equal rights and responsibilities as Nicaraguans.

The vast majority of property for sale in Nicaragua has a fee simple (freehold) title. There is leasehold property for sale, although this makes up a very small proportion of total sales of real estate in the country.

For more on the legal aspects of buying property in Nicaragua, we interviewed Eduardo Cabrales Cuadra, real estate attorney with Garcia & Bodan – one of the largest legal firms in the country. The interview is part of our Insider Tips Series for Nicaragua Real Estate Investors.

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