Fundación Tierra (Earth Fund)


Since its formation in 2007, Fundación Tierra has served, supported and touched the lives of individuals in over 27 communities throughout Nicaragua and primarily around San Juan del Sur. To date the foundation has built 79 latrines, constructed 2 schools, installed 275 eco ovens, distributed 620 water filters, dug 3 wells, and conducted hygiene training clinics in 8 rural communities. And if those statistics aren’t impressive enough, the fund also currently provides salaries for 21 school teachers and continues the ongoing maintenance and training needed to support the water filters that have been distributed to ensure clean drinking water.

Where does does this support come from? Fundación Tierra was primarily founded by the housing development of El Encanto del Sur in the Nacascolo neighborhood of San Juan del Sur, in partnership with GroupoMax a residential construction and project management company. All residents of El Encanto’s residential community are strongly encouraged to make an initial one time donation of $300 to the foundation at the time they purchase property within the community. Fundraisers such as the Howler mountain bike race and other financial campaigns are conducted throughout the year to keep the foundation active.

In the words of Fred Goldfarb, Fundación Tierra’s co-founder,

One of the most inspiring images that I carry in my mind is the day the residents of Las Briasas 2 celebrated the opening of their new school house, and over 75 local kids took seats for the first time in their lives. This is why Fundacion Tierra exists, working hand in hand with communities to change their lives.


Fundación Tierra