Here’s The Market Report For San Juan del Sur And The Emerald Coast


You know that market data is key to making the best decisions about buying or selling real estate.

But there’s a problem. This kind of information is not available in Nicaragua.

So how do successful real estate investors move forward in this marketplace?

Simple, they do their research.

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Granted research is not as fun as watching the sun set on a gorgeous beach or enjoying a drink at your favorite bar, but getting hold of market data is essential if you want to be successful as a property investor.

Here's the good news... there's a short cut.

Over the last few months we’ve been compiling price-lists from developers, re-sellers and owner-direct listings.

As a result, we've put together a Real Estate Market Report on San Juan del Sur and the Emerald Coast. We’ve spent a lot of time collating the market data.

In the report we show you:

  • Concrete graphs and tables of median lot prices and turnkey homes by neighborhood so that you can make an apples to apples comparison on real prices.
  • Historical trends & influential neighborhood factors that will impact the price of your property whether you are buying or selling.
  • Geographical profile of buyers to learn what's hot on the market and who is buying.
  • Homeowner Association Fees by development to ensure that you are informed upfront about the actual cost of owning property in Nicaragua.
Click Here to Get The Market ReportAt the special discount price of $7

This market report was created to help two types of people:

Group 1: You're thinking about purchasing property in Nicaragua and want to get informed about the marketplace. You know there is no Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and prices vary drastically by neighborhood. You're concerned about over paying for a property and want to make sure you're getting a GREAT deal on your property when you purchase (because after all, it is still a buyers market). You want to negotiate the best price possible but need concrete data to back up your offer.

Group 2: You're selling your property because for whatever reason you can't spend as much time in Nicaragua as you had originally hoped to. You know the market has changed (a lot) since you originally purchased property and you want to make sure you're listing your property at a price that attracts buyers.

No matter which group best describes you, it's time to do your homework. Market knowledge is the key in successful real estate investing. And we've gone ahead and done the hard work for you.

So what are we charging?

$150? $97? $27?

No. For a limited time only, we are only asking for $7.


Well it comes back to our mission and why we’re doing this in the first place:

We believe that a key component of a healthy real estate market is access to reliable market data.

Reliable data means more confident buyers, better priced properties and a more efficient market... and that’s good for everyone.

But we're only keeping this discounted price for a limited time.  In a few days we'll be raising the price to $14.97.

So, if you’re ready to take the next step in buying or selling your property, act now before the price goes up.

Click Here to Get The Market ReportAt the special discount price of $7

100% Money Back Guarantee

If the market report is not what you expected, just send us an email within 30 days, and well refund your $7. We won’t ask any questions. We’ll just get your money back to you.