Fight Club Gym: Get Fit & Stay Strong

machine-min-1024x708 (1)It’s true that San Juan del Sur’s selection of beach front restaurants, happy hour specials and live music make it difficult to stay in shape and eat healthy. But with the opening of Fight Club Gym, you no longer have an excuse to let your health and fitness slide.  In fact the gym is a meeting ground for the tribe of people in this town who strive for a healthy lifestyle.

The Facilities

If it’s cardio you want, the gym has a Cross Fit style cardio station with step up boxes, jump ropes and more.  There’s a good selection of free weights, dumbbells, exercise mats, pull up bars, fitness balls and bands for core strengthening and stretching. There’s also a boxing ring for boxing and MMA.

The Classes

Fight Club Gym offers a variety of classes to inspire regular exercise and mix up your workouts.  Weekly classes often include boxing, Cross Fit, strength training, Muay Thai, Acrobatics, MMA and high intensity cross training.  For an additional charge, freelance personal trainers are available to lead you in a customized workout routine. Check out their website for updated weekly schedules.

Lessons Learned from Experience

The busiest hours at the gym are between 5pm – 7pm.  There is no air conditioning which means the afternoon hours can also get uncomfortably hot, even if you are accustomed to the Nicaraguan climate. In the mornings the gym is much less crowded and cooler in temperature. Our advice is to get your workout in early. And be sure to check out one of their popular fitness classes.


1 Day Pass: ¢100
1 Week Pass: ¢300
1 Month Pass: ¢420

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