Give the Gift of Hope This Holiday Season

photo credit // Thomas Kelley

photo credit // Thomas Kelley

The time is now and it’s all happening!

This holiday season we are walking along side non-profits that serve our community in San Juan del Sur.  We supporting Rancho Chilamate as they deliver much needed Christmas buckets filled with food and household essentials to rural communities south of town.  We’re helping Escuela Adelante buy new school books for local children. We’re paying for the school bus for people with disabilities at Manos Unidas. And we’re providing 7 scholarships for students in the Carizal Community through Comunidad Connect. 

These non-profits are doing incredible things and we need your help.  We realize there’s a lot of wonderful causes pulling at your pocketbook this holiday season.  But if you’ve enjoyed vacationing in Nicaragua or purchased real estate here, we hope that you can invest a little more in improving the lives of the locals as the town and country develops with tourism. 

We still need 27 more people to donate $25 each in order match our fundraising goal of raising $1,000 for these 4 great non-profits at work in our community of San Juan del Sur.  

Here’s our Festive Funding Wish List:

photo credit // Rancho Chilamate

photo credit // Rancho Chilamate

1. Rancho Chilamate Christmas Bucket Drive – $250

Each December, Rancho Chilamate delivers Christmas buckets filled with food and household essentials to rural communities south of San Juan del Sur. This year we’re buying blankets, towels, cooking oil, sugar, flour, salt, toothpaste, detergent, soap, candles, matches, soup mixes, baby formula and kitchenware to buckets for these families in need.  You can buy a family a bucket for $25. We’re looking for cowboys to step up and buy a bucket.   You can donate directly to Rancho Chilamate here. 

2. Books for Escuela Adelante – $250

Escuela Adelante provides high quality, alternative education in Spanish and English to students in San Juan del Sur. With over 110+ local Nicaraguan students attending the supplemental education program, they need additional funding for school books. Supplying books for the students in this program is critical to the success of the students. Help us buy books! You can donate directly to Escuela Adelante here.*501(c)3 certified donation.

3. Manos Unidas co-op for People with Disabilities – $250

Manos Unidas is a cooperative for adults with disabilities in San Juan del Sur. The program empowers people with disabilities through a cooperative where students learn how to craft stylish tote bags out of repurposed rice bags which are sold to support their families.  This program holds a special place in our hearts since Brooke is the co-founder.  You can contribute to ongoing needs of this program by making a donation via San Juan Live’s Festive Funding page here.

4. Scholarships for Students through Comunidad Connect – $250

The Casa Llanta Fund has partnered with Comunidad Connect to offer scholarships to students in the rural community of El Carizal. We are currently raising money to give 7 students the opportunity to go to a university or trade school in 2017.  Please help us send these kids to college.  You can donate directly to Comunidad Connect here.*501(c)3 certified donation.

We believe that together we can make a difference in the lives of our neighbors and lift up our community. If everyone just gives $25 each, we can make a HUGE impact! This holiday season, please consider supporting one of these causes.