Our History

Manos Unidas is a cooperative for adults with disabilities in San Juan del Sur. The program was founded by Bastin Vrancken and Brooke Rundle and currently funded by donations received through the Casa Llanta Fund.  The cooperative meets on weekdays in the Mobile Library to congregate, learn and produce products.

Our Name

Manos Unidas translates to “hands together” which signifies the culture of teamwork and togetherness within the cooperative.  The students in the cooperative chose the name.  The letters of the logo symbolize the fingers of holding hands.

Our Mission

To foster friendships, individual independence and improve the quality of life for people with disabilities through the making and selling of goods produced solely by the members of the cooperative.

Our Goal

That every step of the production process be done by the hands of the students within the cooperative and that the quality of the products is not compromised by the disabilities of the people within cooperative.

Our Work

Manos Unidas started with the making of handmade silk flowers and has evolved into the production of fashionable tote bags made from re-purposed rice bags. All materials are sourced in Nicaragua and each bag is hand crafted by the individual named on the bag tag. Wherever possible we strive to use recycled materials for decorating the bags.

Our Promise

100% of all proceeds from the sale of bags made by Manos Unidas go directly to the payment of student participant bi-monthly salary payments. By purchasing the products, you are providing a job for the members of the cooperative and contributing to the improvement of their livelihood.

Our Passion

We feel strongly committed to our mission and believe that the members of the cooperative are extremely artistic and capable of creating quality and stylish products. It is our hope that people buy the bags for the artistic beauty and intrinsic love, rather than out of sympathy.

Where can you buy the bags?

Our tote bags are currently for sale at Auric surf shop and Hotel Alcazar in San Juan del Sur, as well as the Garden Cafe in Granada. Bags can be purchased on order by contacting the founders at the Casa Llanta Fund.  Bag designs and text on the bags are customizable.

Become a Reseller

We need help selling the tote bags outside of Nicaragua and are looking for volunteer or corporate reseller partners to join our tribe. To become a reseller, we ask that you pre-pay for an order of 10 bags (or more). The cost is $6 per bag or $60 for 10 bags plus shipping. We'll send you the bags to sell at your shop, studio, shop or church. To become a reseller, contact Brooke.