Mercado, Market, Mercado!


San Juan del Sur Municipal Market

Tucked behind a line of small shops, it can be hard to find San Juan del Sur’s municipal market (mercado municipal). It’s small – smaller than a city block – but is the place to visit if you are after vegetables, fruit, cheap clothes and even a hunk of freshly slaughtered meat.

You may not be able to get all your shopping done at the market – and this is not the place to buy local handicrafts – but you’ll leave with a slice of unfiltered Nicaraguan life.

Don’t miss the line of commedores serving breakfast and local Nicaraguan food on long tables in the shade. Grab a perch, nosh on gallo pinto and watch San Juan’s social and cultural life unfold.

The market is closed on Sundays.

Fish Market

The Fish Market

It’s hard to get much fresher than this. San Juan del Sur’s fish market is located behind the port where the fishing boats come in to drop off their catch. Made up of just four small stalls, you’ll find an enormous variety of seafood on offer. This changes with the tides but most days you’ll find shrimp (camaron), lobster (langosta), sole (lenguado), grouper (mero), snapper (pargo), makarel (caballa) and a type of sea bass (corvina).

Not only do you get fish for pennies on the dollar but you’re supporting local businesses and keeping the money flowing in the community.