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About La Talanguera

La Talanguera is an affluent beach-side neighborhood located on the northern end of San Juan del Sur bay. The 10 block area extends from the estuary to the steep hills of Pacific Marlin and is almost entirely residential, with just a sprinkling of hotels and upscale vacation rentals.

La Talanguera is popular among the Nicaraguan elite, with families holding onto their properties for generations. So apart from two notable projects selling new properties, Talanguera Townhomes and La Talanguera Condominiums, it’s challenging to track down real estate available for sale in the neighborhood.

The place has an unhurried, pedestrian ambiance. The streets are kept clean, the houses well maintained and the gardens cared-for. While a few of the internal streets within the neighborhood remain unpaved, both the access road from town as well as the main street running behind the beachfront row of homes have been paved. As the land is flat, you won’t get much of an ocean view unless you’re directly on the beachfront or in a high-rise building (of which there are few). Still, it’s just a short walk to the beach from anywhere in the neighborhood.

It’s quieter and calmer here than in the town center, but you can walk or cycle into the action in a matter of minutes, via a pedestrian suspension bridge. For another form of exercise, you can always hike up to the soaring Jesus statue which you can see from all corners of La Talanguera – if you look upwards.

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Getting here

The pedestrian walkway provides quick access to La Talanguera from San Juan del Sur’s seafront road (the malecon). By car you’ll need to head out of downtown passing the Uno gas station on your left and then taking the first left onto La Chocolata (the road that leads to Morgans Rock and the beaches north of San Juan del Sur). Look for the entry road into La Talanguera where the paving stops and the dirt starts (around 800m from the turnoff). If the road starts to rise and you see Bahia Del Sol Villas and Condominiums on your right, you’ve gone too far.