About Palermo

Palermo is a western suburb in the foothills San Juan del Sur.  Located squarely behind the bay, it’s long, panoramic views of the ocean are beautifully framed by San Juan del Sur’s two headlands.  The neighborhood is anchored by Villas de Palermo a hotel and resort with 50 luxury villas, community pool, clubhouse, bar and restaurant set within carefully maintained grounds.   Wrapping around the hotel is Lomas de Palermo, a neighborhood of single family homes nestled in the rolling landscape, perfectly orientated to catch the sun as it sets over the ocean.

The infrastructure within the development is top notch, being one of the first in San Juan del Sur to be fully paved and serviced with underground electric. With San Juan del Sur only 1km away, residents have quick access to local shops while enjoying the peace and tranquility that comes from being away from it all. The fact that many regular San Juan del Sur visitors choose to stay in Palermo when they are in Nicaragua is testimony that the neighborhood ticks all the right boxes.

Palermo Neighborhood

A little east of Palmero lies the neighborhood of Hermanos Mendozas La Cuesta, or “La Cuesta” for short, is a mixed community of Nicaraguans and expats. It falls on both sides of the main road into town.

The north side rises steeply up a forested hill revealing stunning views of the coastline, and eastward to Ometepe and Lake Nicaragua once you reach the top. The southern side has a lower elevation and a friendly neighborhood feel that isn’t cooked up for tourists. It’s the balance of proximity to town and closeness to nature that attracts buyers here.

Much of this area is still undeveloped, possibly because the elevation that delivers such spectacular views deters investors. There’s plenty of beautiful ocean view property still available in this neighborhood for those wiling to put in the time and money to access it.

Real Estate for sale in Palermo


Palermo & La Cuesta

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Palermo & La Cuesta

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Palermo & La Cuesta, Villas de Palermo

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Palermo & La Cuesta

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Getting here

To get to the Palermo Neighborhood from San Juan del Sur take the main road out of town, passing the Uno gas station on your left. Drive over the bridge and keep heading straight as if to La Virgen and Rivas. About 2 km (1.2 miles) from the gas station look for the signs to “Villas de Palermo” on your left. There is one tall road sign and a pair of lower signs on either side of the entrance road. The road curves through Lomas de Palermo and to Villas de Palermo Hotel and Resort.