The Essential Guide to the Best Neighborhoods on Nicaragua’s Southern Pacific Coast

neighborhood-guide-coverLocation! Location! Location!

It’s perhaps the most commonly recited real estate tenet. The mantra is repeated three times because it’s a crucial factor in defining the value of a property.

And so if you’re considering living and investing in Nicaragua it’s essential that you spend some time researching the different locations and neighborhoods.

To help you with this, we’ve created a free guide to the most sought after neighborhoods on Nicaragua’s Pacific Coast.

The guide gives you:

  • Insight into which locations offer the optimum combination of value and amenity.
  • An up-to-date snapshot of median prices for lots and houses to help you understand the market.
  • Better understanding of where you should focus your attention.
  • A sample of real estate listings for each neighborhood.
  • A path to clearer decision making about where to live and invest in Nicaragua.

Whether you’re just getting out of the gate with your interest in Nicaragua or you’re a regular visitor, you’ll find it an invaluable guide.

In fact, you should go ahead and grab it even if you’ve already bought a property here – it’s a fantastic primer on the real estate market and will give you insight into your own property value.


  1. Elsie Terrell says:

    Thinking of visiting for first time and want to look at clean, reasonably priced, furnished and all inclusive long term rental. Where do we start? If this is found what senior residency programs are offered? And is there assistance with moving costs, etc?

  2. thelma tinoco says:

    I love everything i’ve seen in san juan del sur, so happy to see how many foreings embrace the nicaraguan culture and appreciate the town as home.. all this businesses as auric supporting and doing humanity work is being known abroad.. so keep the success going to all of y’all out there.. Glad to know good human beings exist!

    • Editor SanJuanDelSur.Org says:

      Hi Thelma, Thank you for the kind words. Nice to hear. Best wishes to you too from all of us at San Juan Live.

  3. We want to relocate renting first for a few months before we buy! We would like a property with 4 o5 rooms 3-4 bathrooms.
    Materbedroom large with large master bath
    room/ shower and bath! Spare room with guest bathroom inside guest room like a suite. An office/ art and sewing room /another bathroom! Large cooking kitchen /island /lot of space to eat and storage. Family room and living room and dining room. Pool & nice patio nice size yard with lush fruit trees shade trees, flowers potted planters.
    Outside quarters for housekeeper to live, with bathroom & shower! Three car garage and long drive way ( large) and gated. Thank you
    Jeanne Hernandez

  4. Hi! My husband and I are very interested in relocating with our three children (ages 2, 9, and 11) to San Juan del Sur within the next 6-12 months and will be down on our first official scouting mission at the end of June/beginning of June! We’re looking for any advice on where to stay (we were think a night or two at several different places to maximize our exposure), places to see, and people to talk with during the week or so we will be down there.
    Thanks so much! Can’t wait to slow life down and take the time to enjoy all that is around 🙂