Does the Nicaragua real estate market operate under a MLS?

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Does the Nicaragua real estate market operate under a MLS?

No, there is no Multiple Listing System (MLS) in Nicaragua.

This means that the real estate market does not operate in the same way as it does in the US or Canada.

If you’re from the US or Canada you probably know that a Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is a vast database of properties for sale.

As a seller when you list your property with a real estate agent they’ll upload it to a database and all other agents will have access to it.

In effect when you list your property you’re not just hiring one agent, you’re putting the entire MLS to work – and that includes dozens of agents all helping to sell your property.

The connection between seller and buyer is easily made.

So what’s different about Nicaragua?

Well, instead of all agents sharing one giant database of properties, they each maintain their own private, separate database.

What happens when you list a property with a local agent?

Well, it will go on their private database of listings. It won’t go onto a MLS type system.

So unless the buyer happens to go on a viewing with that particular agent, they are unlikely to see your property.

The takeaway here is that the MLS is first and foremost a marketing vehicle for listings.

So if you’re seller in this market, the central question you need to answer is this: How can you get your property in front of more buyers when there is no MLS?

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