Buying and Selling Property In Nicaragua: Advice & Solutions That Work


We have two types of visitors in the San Juan Live Real Estate Marketplace:

We help both.

We do this by introducing Buyers directly to Sellers right on this website.  This happens when a Buyer contacts a Seller via their property listing.

For us that’s a successful connection and it’s what we are all about.

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Beyond a Traditional Listing Service

We go well beyond a traditional listing service.  San Juan Live is a local media publication with a loyal audience of readers that’s focused on Nicaragua and San Juan del Sur.

We provide people who are interested in living and investing in Nicaragua with information on the local lifestyle, the best neighborhoods, the community, local attractions and amenities as well as instructive content on buying real estate.  Plus our community profiles, relocation information and the 180 page content-packed Insider Guide to San Juan del Sur provide a deeper flavor for the kind of lifestyles and experiences on offer in the region.

People are subscribing to our general updates and signing up to receive our premium real estate content.  We’re getting noticed because our articles and emails convey exactly the kind of information people need when they are considering investing in an area.

The result?

Successful property sales.

Buyer and Seller Learning Centers

We’re helping Buyers and Sellers become more informed about their investment and relocation journey in Nicaragua.

Truth is, although the local market may seem to operate like it does in the US or Canada, there are some very big differences.

Like there’s no Multiple Listing Service in Nicaragua.  Or that official statistics are hard to come by. Or that most real estate listings are “open”.

These differences change everything…

  • They change the steps sellers need to take to get exposure for their property
  • They change how real estate listings are best promoted
  • They change the way real estate agents work
  • They change how (For Sale By Owner) FSBO strategies work
  • They change how buyers can access the best deals – and the best neighborhoods – for their investment goals

It’s all revealed in our Real Estate Learning Centers for Buyers and Sellers.

They’re packed full with advice, tools and solutions that work.

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