BOUTIQUE RESORT FOR SALE: Take-Over, Move-In and Diacachimba!

Playa Marsella, Municipal de San Juan del Sur, Rivas Department, Nicaragua

For Sale $ 230,000
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Property submitted by: KBSJDS
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  • Bedrooms 6+
  • Bathrooms 2+
  • Interior Area 15,000 (1/3 acres) sq ft


Hotel / Bed and Breakfast / Hostel


Garden, Jungle

No HOA Fees


Property Description

Just a relaxing 15 minute stroll down to some of the most beautiful beaches of Central America, bounding with surfers, sun-worshipers and dreamers alike, all seeking that one thing – DIACACHIMBA! We proudly present this approximately 1/3 acre boutique resort in the making nestled amongst the mangoes and palms, with a hand-tiled, 40’x20′ in-ground pool as the stunning center-piece, ready to be filled, at the crossroads of three of the hottest beaches in San Juan del Sur.

Air Conditioning, Pool, Internet, Garden or Courtyard

Additional Features

Two (2) studio apartments with en suite baths, full kitchenettes and new Samsung AC systems in each, ready for move in, the first completed of five (5) apartments with complete infrastructure for all currently in place. All construction per the strictest international codes (something still unique to this area). Six (6) existing cabanas, 14’ in diameter with pitched, thatched roofs can serve as rentals, a bar, retail space...let your imagination be your Guide. Deep well with large in-ground pilau (water-reserve) ready for water, two large septic’s in place and plumbed, fiber optic connection runs down road in front of property (virtually unheard of in this area), beautifully landscaped garden with assorted flowering specimens and various fruit trees. 208V electric is ran from the transformer located out at road in front of property.

Well pump and pump house already in place. Electric ran and operable. Pool/Garden House is large 10'x8', matching outside decor/elevations and all pool and Electic items installed and operational. All brand new. Top of the line.

All new mattresses, towels, refrigerators, microwaves, ovens, pool pump, well pump, sheets....ready for immediate take-over, move-in and start-up for the adventurous, Entrepreneurial Spirit!

Located across the street from Mango Rosa Resort which offers a complete dining experience, full bar, boating, fishing, and more which offers a tremendous amount of value to the place. Via walking, you are 15 minutes to Playa Marsella and 25 minute walk to Playa Maderas with amazing bars and restaurants along the route with incredible views.

Because we are frequently asked, “Why do you want to sell this property when you’ve just built it…?”, basically, we really don’t need, have or want to sell the property; simply, we’ve found something else that we want more. The property has never been open for rent; when we (family) come down in April we will be the first ever to reside in same. At this time two (2) of the studio apartments are ready and one (1) of the 14′ diameter thatched cabanas. We are also filling the pool soon in preparation for our arrival as well as the arrival of many parties seriously interested in purchasing.

We built the property from the ground up with oversight and Project Management by a fellow American who is quite talented and lives in SJDS.

To the point, the property is bad-ass! The area in which the property is located is totally booming and one of the hottest areas for surfing on the west coast of Nicaragua.

 The 45’x20′ in-ground, hand-laid, Nicaraguan tile pool is the centerpiece, surrounded by a lush garden comprising of many unique specimen palms and flora. If you’ve every traveled Nicaragua extensively, you’ll know that this pool is by no means the “norm” and its design and construction are exemplary.

The property is worth considerably more than what we’re asking; we just want to move it so we can purchase this other investment we’ve located. Worst case scenario, we’ll live happily ever at after at this location and continue to build and add-on.

There are three (3) more apartments (five (5) total) to be finished and six (6) cabanas which are 14′ circumference, thatched roofed “huts” that can be outfitted in many possible configurations (single queen, two twin, double bunks).

Visualizing the property in its finished state…completely encompassed with a contiguous wall which serves as the outside wall of the various apartments with the pool and garden in the center. Atop existing apartments 3, 4 and 5, we planned to build our 1000 square foot house. As each year goes by, we’d envision the cabanas (demo’d) being replaced with more garden/green space or orchard as the exterior wall portion of perimeter becomes additional apartments or maybe one or two small, detached cottages.