100+ Mtrs of Coastal Road Frontage next to Hacienda Iguana and the new Costa Esmeralda Areopuerto

Costa Esmeralda Airport, Hacienda Iguana, Rivas, Nicaragua

For Sale $ 240,000
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Property submitted by: Todd Koppes
  • road
  • Commercial Frontage Terramar
  • airport
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  • airport landing strip
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  • approved plan


    Other Commercial Property

    Mountain, Farm

    No HOA Fees


    Approx. 105 Mtrs long x 55 Mtrs wide

    Property Description

    Ideally situated commercial frontage on the recently paved Coastal Highway across from the entrance to Hacienda Iguana and the new Costa Esmeralda Airport.

    The property is directly north and adjacent to existing brand new commercial strip center- Riveria Market. It is approximately 200mtr. south of the entrance to Hacienda Iguana.

    The property is approximately 6000 sq.m or 0.9 Manzana in size.

    Perfect for retail, gas station, or any commercial venture.

    Additional Features

    • Raw land
    • Paved road in front of property and to Tola
    • Next to Costa Esmeralda Airport and Hacienda Iguana
    • Commercial frontage
    • Three phase electrical infrastructure
    • Proven aquifer

    Commercial frontage in a rapidly growing area with a newly paved road and regional airport serving several new and existing real estate developments.

    Three phase electrical infrastructure along entire frontage.

    Situated in a major watershed of LaMahosa, with a proven major aquifer directly underneath the property and surrounding area.