Large Beachfront Property Perfect for Tourism, Residential or Commercial Development. Least Expensive Price Per Acre On The Emerald Coast

Matapalo, Carazo. On the Pacific Coast just south of Tupilapa.Nicaragua

For Sale $ 7,200,000
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Property submitted by: Homi Byramji
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  • Plant nursery in Matapalo - 9000 precious hardwood trees ready to be planted


    Acreage / Ranch and Farm Land

    Ocean (blue), Ocean (whitewater), River, Mountain, Jungle, Farm

    Beachfront, Seller Financing

    Approximately 408 manzanas (779 acres or 315 hectares) Approximately 1,267 meters of coast with wide beaches

    Property Description

    Large Beachfront Property Perfect for Tourism, Residential  or Commercial Development. Least Expensive Price Per Acre On The Emerald Coast.

    From sandy beach to gently sloping forest with superb ocean views, this property is ideal for large or small development. Just over an hour and a half from Managua’s international airport, the parcel is conveniently situated on the coastal highway at the Northern end of Nicaragua’s Emerald Coast.

    Matapalo is closer to Managua and Granada and the attractions of the Rio Escalante Chacocente Wildlife Refuge than the resorts of Tola and San Juan del Sur. Perfectly positioned to take advantage of the opportunities provided by the Chacocente Wildlife Refuge and the amenities of Nicaragua’s Emerald Coast, this stunning property can be reached either from Casares to the North, Santa Teresa to the East or El Astillero to the South.

    This beautiful 776 acre property with its 1,267 meters of coastline sits on a beautiful, wide and 8 km (5 mile) long beach with multiple surf breaks, swimming spots and a river estuary, making it a superb location for a mixed-use Resort or Residential development attracting a variety of clients. Surfers, families, adventure enthusiasts, nature lovers, and those who seek unique and tranquil spots around the globe will all be attracted to this location.

    Sloping gently upwards from the ocean, Matapalo has excellent ocean views from most of the property while also being easily and economically developable. There is a natural spring on the property, as well as a well and two small rivers making this one of the region’s most attractive investments. Wildlife abounds, and the location is home to many of Nicaragua’s native flora and fauna species.

    • Most attractive price on the Emerald Coast: less than $9,500/acre!
    • Well over a kilometer (1,267 meters) of Coastline
    • Water on the property
    • Varied topography for maximum site usage and views
    • Near the Rio Escalante-Chacocente Wildlife Refuge
    • Proximity to the Capital and Emerald Coast amenities
    • Situated directly along the government’s proposed Coastal Road
    • Wide sandy swimming beaches
    • Multiple surf breaks
    • Agriculture opportunities
    • Approximately 774 acres (316 hectares). May be subdivided
    • Fully titled, with all ownership documentation
    • Infrastructure credit and infrastructure collaboration if desired
    • Unparalleled ocean views and encounters with nature

    Just 15 minutes to the south is the Rio Escalante-Chacocente Wildlife Refuge with one of the world’s most significant sea turtle nesting sites. Tens of thousands of endangered sea turtles nest and over a million babies hatch each year. Troops of howler monkeys wander through the canopy, and stately trees have grown undisturbed for hundreds of years.

    While in close proximity to the Refuge, Matapalo sits well outside its boundaries, allowing for real estate development, hospitality, farming and other activities. The property’s owners are open to subdividing the property if less land is desired, with individual parcels starting at 100 acres.

    The property is large enough to accommodate one or more hotels, commercial areas, and hundreds of homes and condos. It sits adjacent to a site currently designated for one of this area’s most significant master planned communities, designed to promote the area as a tourism destination. It is this development group who currently own the Matapalo property.

    The group has spent the last fifteen years amassing properties on this segment of the Coast, and they’ve done their homework. They know who their neighbors are. They know the local community, and they know what is needed in the area to attract an international clientele. They keep their fingers on the pulse of the government’s plan to execute infrastructure in the area, and they will share their knowledge and experience with the buyers of the Matapalo property.

    Topography on the site is varied and entirely suitable for development. The majority of the property slopes gently upward from the ocean to an approximate height of 160 feet, interspersed with a variety of larger flat areas. The large amount of buildable terrain allows for easy development and prime sites with ocean views.

    Approximately 250 acres, one third the property, offers high elevations with slightly more rugged terrain and magnificent sweeping views of the coastline. A previously farmed area of approximately 80 acres at the back of the property is an ideal spot for orchards, organic farming, or other agricultural uses.

    This property offers the best of the Emerald Coast at the best price.  For more information, contact us today.


    Beach Access

    Additional Features

    • Long ocean frontage and beautiful beaches
    • Excellent beach breaks for surfing
    • Elevated areas with great views
    • Secluded, private and safe
    • Water on the site
    • Close to the popular sea-side towns of Casares, Huehuete and Tupilapa with their stores, restaurants and gas station
    • You can buy fresh fish and lobster daily from the local fishermen at excellent wholesale prices
    • Along the route of the Coastal Highway currently under construction
    • Can be subdivided for the right buyer

    What attracted us to the property is that it is on one of the most beautiful beaches in Nicaragua, and because the property itself lends itself to so many varied developmental opportunities.  The property will steal your heart just as it has stolen ours.  We have nurtured and cared for Matapalo for over 15 years, and are only selling it to finance the development of the Nezua Resort, Spa and Residences next door.  Bring your imagination and ingenuity and shape this beautiful area into the development of your dreams.