Why Selling Your Nicaragua Property Is Easier Than You Think

sell-property-nicaraguaDo you own an attractive property for sale in Nicaragua but:

  • Are frustrated by the lack of strong prospects and offers
  • Wonder why agents aren’t competing with each other to get your listing like they do in North America
  • Are worried that buyers can’t access your property as there is no Multiple Listing System (MLS)
  • Thought it would sell in a few months but now several months or even years have gone by, and you’re shocked at how long its taking?

Sound familiar?

If so, stop worrying. There’s something you can do. All it says is something about the current state of the real estate market in Nicaragua.

Here’s the thing:

Sellers who sell their properties quickly take control of the process for themselves. They take control of how their property is being presented and they take control of where their property is being presented.


Well, it all starts from the lack of an MLS

The lack of an MLS in Nicaragua, combined with the unregulated nature of the marketplace, affects everything. See, in the absence of an MLS:

  • Your property will not be uploaded to a central database that all agents and buyers can access.
  • Local agents act more like ‘buyer’s agents’ than ‘listing agents’.
  • Open listings (or pocket listings) are the norm. The result is that marketing on your property will often be cursory because agents often don’t want to invest time and effort for an open listing that someone else can also sell.
  • You typically won’t receive reports on the marketing work done for your property or feedback from viewings.
  • Given the unregulated nature of the marketplace agents generally only provide scant information about your property on the internet for fear that others may ‘steal’ their listing or buyers will find a way to go direct to you, cutting them out of a commission.
  • You’ll find many agents focusing just on direct-developer sales, finding this easier than dealing with re-sales from multiple owners.

At San Juan Live we know exactly how it feels to be neglected in the marketplace while trying to sell your property in a foreign country. But after a decade of working in the real estate field and successfully selling dozens of properties during the softest market in decades, we know first hand how the market works in Nicaragua. In fact we’ve written a report on the subject.

There’s also one other thing that we know from this experience: Your buyer will come from the Internet, almost exclusively.

Check out these statistics:

  • The US National Association of Realtors states that over 90% of percent of buyers begin their home search on the Internet.
  • More real estate advertising dollars are spent online than with newspapers.

It’s clear: Everyone is searching for homes online. And for international property searches our bet is that these percentages are even higher.

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Here’s what this means for you.

If you’re selling property in Nicaragua that will appeal to international buyers, you’ve got to get your web strategy right. The vast majority of prospects will begin their search for international property on the Internet, well before they get on an airplane.

Your buyers are already online, searching for property in Nicaragua. It makes sense to join them. Otherwise, barring a lucky break, it will take years to sell.

But that’s not all

The wrong response to this new world of real estate is to pester local agencies to put your listing on their website… and call it a day.

Because there’s another truth that you can’t ignore as a home seller: It’s not just the technology that’s changed, your buyers have also changed.

The modern real estate consumer doesn’t only want to look at listings, they want to gather as much information about the local community and real estate market as they can in order to determine whether it’s actually a place they want to spend their holidays, move to, retire to or invest in.

These people are connected. They’re tweeting and sharing. They’re more discerning about the kind of content they consume. And in this post-crisis era, they’re cautious about investing in real estate.

A simple listing on a real estate website that looks like it’s walked out of the 90’s, or on a large aggregate site that doesn’t have any local information just isn’t going to cut it any more.

It takes a lot more to win your buyers over.

Real Estate Marketing as an Exercise in Local Media

focus-on-san-juan-del-surOver the past few years we’ve been slowly building a local media publication on the San Juan del Sur region.

Our focus is geography first. We’re attracting people who are interested in living, retiring or investing in San Juan del Sur and nearby neighborhoods with information about the local lifestyle.

The site produces weekly articles about local events, the restaurant scene, the best neighborhoods to live in, the best beaches, the actual cost of living, outdoor recreation, charity events, schools, shopping,  relocation advice and human interest stories about the people who actually live in Nicaragua. This is exactly the kind of information people are looking for when they are buying a house in a neighborhood or community.

After all, people buy a lifestyle, they don’t just buy a house. They want to know about their neighbors and they’re looking for a sense of emotional attachment and satisfaction that comes from living or investing in a certain place.

The importance of “positioning” in real estate

The property listings on the San Juan Live Real Estate Marketplace are positioned within this broader media approach to living and investing in Nicaragua that includes in depth lifestyle information about the area.

We’ve built something worth talking about. We already have over 6,000 Facebook likes. We’re getting noticed because our articles convey valuable information at the local level.

Our readers can see that we have an intricate level of knowledge about Nicaragua and that we are deeply engaged in the community. After all we’re the people who wrote the Insider Guide to San Juan del Sur.

In addition to our main subscriber list, we have a dedicated email series for buyers that provides information on purchasing property in Nicaragua. And part of the education is telling them what properties have been listed for sale on the San Juan Live Real Estate Marketplace.

Through our permission based-mailing lists we’re building a direct relationship with prospective buyers, based on valuable content about Nicaragua.

That’s how to get more and better real estate leads today.

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What you can expect from joining the San Juan Live Real Estate Marketplace

Exposure to targeted buyers specifically interested buying property in your market

We don’t try to cover the world, let alone Central America. We’re laser focused on San Juan del Sur, Granada and real estate in nearby neighborhoods and so are the property hunters who come to our site.



A listing that’s designed to convert prospects into buyers

Eye catching photos, a section where you can explain the “reasons why” your property stands out from the crowd, tabbed browsing, location maps, innovative category pages, videos and no distracting sidebars.

Top positioning in all the popular search engines for targeted real estate search queries

Our content is used, engaged with, enjoyed, linked to and shared by real live people. Search engines like Google can see this activity and are ranking us highly for it.



A listing that’s embedded within in-depth content about Nicaragua

We’re not a thin listing site. We’re a sticky local media publication that draws the buyer deeper. Whatever their buying cycle, we have content that helps them every step of the way.

A net that’s cast wider

We’ll email your listing to our mailing lists, embed it within our in-depth neighborhood guides and share it on Facebook and Twitter. If you have your own site, don’t worry, you can link to it from your property listing.



A listing that looks good on all digital devices

Our website is mobile responsive. Whether prospects are visiting your listing on a tiny phone, small tablet, iPad or desktop they’ll have a great “app-like” user experience.

Here’s the Real Proof: Successful Property Sales

Fantastic listing was key factor in selling our house. Great client contact and ease of making initial listing certainly aided a quick sale. The site clearly gets strong and quality traffic which gives many inquires which is key to a sale. Would highly recommend working with – Glen Ross

I just sold my first lot to a client generated by San Juan Live.
Their high rankings in google are driving more leads my way
. – Tim Kelly

You did it! My property is under contract for full asking price and buyer to pay all outside costs.
Your website did it and for this I paid only $39! Very nicely done! –
Jim T

Brooke and Claudia have used their extensive knowledge of the local real estate market to put together a great program to get one’s property seen by the maximum number of interested buyers. I received many inquiries and closed within 4 months of listing. Consider me a more than satisfied seller! – Joe Trofe

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The San Juan Live Real Estate Marketplace: Beyond a Traditional Listing Service.

We’re going well beyond a traditional listing service offered by a standard real estate site. San Juan Live is a local media publication with a loyal audience of readers that’s focused on Nicaragua and San Juan del Sur.

The result: You’ll get targeted eyes on your property immediately. When someone is interested in your property their message and contact information is sent directly to you.

It’s also very quick and easy to set up a listing. Simply fill out this single form with all your property’s details, upload your photos and a video if you have one, push a button and that’s it.

It costs just $22 a month to list with us and start connecting with buyers, with no commission to pay for a sale.

Here’s what you need to do next.

If you are serious about selling your property in Nicaragua, simply choose a listing package from the table below and fill out the form.

Single Listing
$22 per month
1 property listing featured on the San Juan Live Real Estate Marketplace in-front of a highly targeted audience base interested in Nicaragua.
$33 per month
2 property listings featured on the San Juan Live Real Estate Marketplace in-front of a highly targeted audience base interested in Nicaragua.
25% discount.
Multi-Listing Special
$39 per month
3 property listings featured on the San Juan Live Real Estate Marketplace in-front of a highly targeted audience base interested in Nicaragua.
41% discount.

Remember there’s no long-term contact. You’re free to cancel any time. There are no catches. We believe that’s only fair.

All the best,

P.S. The key to selling your property is to get your listing in-front of a highly targeted audience base that is serious about buying real estate in Nicaragua.

We understand what information property hunters need when they’re searching for information about moving, retiring and investing in Nicaragua. And we know what sellers need from us: qualified leads, easy to use listing software and a quick sale. Click here to get started.


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