Moving to San Juan del Sur | Relocating to San Juan del Sur

If you are thinking about moving to San Juan del Sur you'll have lots of questions. In this section we cover a wide range of topics from cost of living, education, residency, retirement packages and other factors that will help you decide about relocating here.

But to really discover if relocating to Nicaragua is right for you, you should join one of our Relocation Tours. The tour follows an intensive schedule over 9 days. You'll visit residential communities in cities and neighborhoods around the country, get insider introductions to locals, expats and business owners and get a real feel for the country with your boots on the ground. We've packed in far more than you would be able to on your own. Click here to learn more.

8 Twitter Feeds every Ex-pat in San Juan del Sur should be Following


Are you looking for the latest updates on regional news in Nicaragua? Perhaps you just want up to date information on activities and events in San Juan del Sur? If you are new to Nica or just looking for faster access to broad sources of news in the region, here’s a list of ten twitter pages you should absolutely be following as an Ex-pat in San Juan del Sur. [Read more…]

Answers to the most frequently asked Nicaragua Residency Questions

nicaragua-residency-reportResidency questions keep coming up here at San Juan Live.

So we decided to ask Gloria Pérez Esquivel, Associate with law firm Garcia & Bodan to help get the questions answered.  Her work focuses on Immigration Law with incentives for the special tourism segment, so she’s the perfect person to help with all things related to Nicaragua residency. [Read more…]

Ranch Couple needed for Rancho Chilamate in Nicaragua

rancho-chilamate-ranch-coupleWe’ve been noticing that our post on “The simple reason why Tom moved overseas” attracts lots of comments from our readers.

People are obviously interested in moving overseas to a place like San Juan del Sur, with its easy going vibe, natural beauty and low cost of living.

So when we saw that Blue at Rancho Chilamate is looking for a Ranch Couple we thought we’d share the news with our readers.

Here’s the link to the original article, which we’ve also copied in full below. [Read more…]

10 Apps Guaranteed to Make Your Life Better in San Juan del Sur


Smart phones might not exactly be improving the quality of our lives, but they are most certainly putting worlds of information at our fingertips. With a single swipe you can now check the surf report, the status of your flight schedule, and more… even in Nicaragua.

So if you are looking for the latest hot travel app to make your life better in San Juan del Sur, here’s our pick of 10 for your smart phone or tablet. [Read more…]

How To Take Charge Of Your US Expat Taxes

final-cover-thumbIn this interview Claudia Gonella and David McKeegan talk about IRS tax filing requirements facing US expats living in Nicaragua. David McKeegan is co-founder of Greenback Expat Tax Services, a business that focuses on helping US expats with their tax preparation.

In this 23 minute session, Claudia and David cover:

  • Exactly what forms you need to file.
  • All the credits and deductions eligible for expats.
  • What expats need to know about owning foreign bank accounts.
  • How to avoid getting tripped up on IRS penalties and fines.
  • 3 ways you can easily catch up on your tax filing if you are behind.
  • And a surprising find on how Obamacare impacts expats.

You’ll come out of the session with a better understanding of what to do about US taxes as an expat and how you can make the filing process less stressful and time-consuming. [Read more…]

Talkin’ About a Resolution: How to Succeed in San Juan del Sur in 2014

hammock timeAs we creep into February, I’ve started to notice some slippage in my new year’s resolutions.  We are all guilty of it.  The new year provides an opportunity for self reinvention and gives us the impetus to set new habits. But our goals quickly fade, buried under our day-to-day tasks, forgotten.  

But it doesn’t have to stay that way. I would like to remind everyone that it’s never to late to set a new year’s resolution and never to late to keep to one.  

Here are 5 suggestions to help you succeed in San Juan del Sur in 2014. [Read more…]

10 Things to Be Thankful for in San Juan del Sur


Thanksgiving is a national holiday primarily celebrated in the States as a day of thankfulness for the abundance of harvest each fall. Over the years it has also come to be known as Turkey Day for the primary dinner dish we indulge in each fourth Thursday of November. It also marks the day before Black Friday which everyone knows is the beginning of the holiday shopping season.

In the spirit of gratitude, we would like to take this Thanksgiving to share 10 things we’re thankful for in San Juan del Sur.

1. Sunsets

Every single day the sun sets over the ocean. It is one of the greatest blessings that the Pacific Ocean bestows upon us between 5 – 6pm. Whether you are sitting on your surfboard in the water or on a stool at one of the many beach front bars, there are not many places in the world that offer a better setting to view this natural spectacle. [Read more…]

10 Surprising Facts about Relocating to San Juan del Sur


Relocating to San Juan del Sur is a dream for people looking for reliable sunshine, a more laid back lifestyle and a lower cost of living. It may seem just like a quaint little fishing town but I have some facts about our beach community that may surprise you.

1. More than beach and bar

At first glance it may feel like there is not much more to San Juan del Sur than beach and bar. [Read more…]

Where to Relocate: San Juan del Sur or Granada?

Looking to relocate to Nicaragua? You’ll find the two most popular destinations for foreigners are the magnificent beaches of San Juan del Sur and the historic city of Granada. The two towns are only 90 minutes drive from one another, but in many aspects they are worlds apart.

Relocate to Nicaragua San Juan del Sur

San Juan del Sur is active…

To say that San Juan del Sur offers opportunities for an active lifestyle is an understatement. In the mornings it’s normal to see the long bay full of joggers, walkers and dog owners enjoying the refreshing cool morning air before heading to the market for fresh fruit and yogurt. And of course a world-class surf session is just a short drive away. [Read more…]

San Juan del Sur Day School: A Life Outside the Box Education

San Juan Day School

Photographed by Out of the Blue Photography

Mark Twain once said, “Don’t let your boy’s schooling interfere with his education.” At San Juan del Sur Day School, the world is the classroom and the education is inspired by all elements of nature, culture, current events and real life experience.

The mission statement for the school is a simple but powerful one; “To develop inquiring, knowledgeable and compassionate young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through understanding and respect.” Julie Speier, the school’s founding director, and her bi-lingual teaching staff are deeply dedicated to this mission and their enthusiasm for education is mirrored by the visible excitement of the students who attend. [Read more…]