Moving to San Juan del Sur | Relocating to San Juan del Sur

If you are thinking about moving to San Juan del Sur you'll have lots of questions. In this section we cover a wide range of topics from cost of living, education, residency, retirement packages and other factors that will help you decide about relocating here.

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Moving Your Dog to Nicaragua the Right Way

moving dogs from US to Nicaragua

Thinking of moving to San Juan del Sur and bringing Fido or your other fuzzy friends with you? It’s been done by plenty of people, including my husband and I. We moved our two dogs to Nicaragua from the US over two years ago and we are happy we were able to keep our family together.

You can read as much as you want and I suggest that you do, but nothing will prepare you for the actual experience. The anxiety of knowing part of your family is stuffed away in a cargo hold far from help and not knowing their status will be the greatest challenge of moving your pet to Nicaragua.

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San Juan del Sur: Where a Fist Full of Córdobas Goes a Long Way

I’m dining in a thatched roof restaurant right on the beach. I can hear the rhythmic rush of waves on sand. In front of me is a lobster dinner, fresh from the fishing boats anchored a few meters away. The cost: 230 córdobas (about $10.00). I order a cold beer – Toña is the local favorite – which adds just 30 córdobas (about $1.25) to my bill.

OK, this isn’t a Michellen star restaurant and a world famous chef has not cooked the food. But my goodness it tastes great.  Some might even argue that the scenery alone is worth the price tag.

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The Simple Reason Why Tom Moved Overseas

You don’t always need a long list of reasons to move overseas.

Here’s Tom’s story:

Tom lives in the US.  He hates his job and the drudgery of his 9-5 life.

He wakes up…gets ready for work…goes to work…works…comes home from work…has dinner in front of the TV…goes to bed…wakes up…gets ready for work…

He needs the job to afford his house payments.

He doesn’t like his house, but it was the only one he could find near his job.

So Tom lives in a house that he doesn’t like so that he can be near a job that he hates so that he can afford a house that he doesn’t like and have a life that’s getting him down…

What happened next?

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Is Living in San Juan del Sur Right For You?


Think of any location in the world and you’ll come across a divide between people who love living there and people who don’t.

San Juan del Sur is no exception.

On the one side of the divide are the fans. They love the affordable lifestyle, the easy going vibe, the good value real estate, the proximity to nature, and yes, probably also the in-house help. Some will be evangelical about the surfing, some the nightlife and others the jungles and volcanoes. This group will be plugged into the local expatriate network, involved in local community activities and they’ll probably be able to get by with a little Spanish.

On the other side are the frustrated. They miss the conveniences of back home and find it hard to get things done in Nicaragua. They wish they could access all the foodstuffs they are used to and get bored when life moves slowly. If they are running a business in a remote region they may get frustrated with poor infrastructure, patchy services and difficulty hiring the right people.
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What Would My Life Be Like If I Lived Here?

It’s a great question. One that every real estate buyer looking at San Juan del Sur should answer before they purchase.

The good news, is that you’re in the right place. is dedicated to answering the question – for both visitors and investors.

Working out whether San Juan del Sur has your right mix of lifestyle attributes is highly subjective. You’ll find the process easier once you develop a clear idea of the kind of lifestyle you desire and what you want to get out of your investment.

That’s the best place to start. Then, once you have some clarity, here are a few lifestyle factors to check off:

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