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Thinking About Relocating to Nicaragua?

Now you can find out if Nicaragua is right for you. The relocation tour features a hand-picked selection of Nicaragua’s top residential communities in neighborhoods and cities around the country. On the tour you will have opportunities to meet local residents, legal representatives, real estate agents, business owners, and ex-pats (like you!).

You’ll also get to see the best hospital in the country to learn about health care available – we guarantee you’ll be shocked at the quality of service you can get at less than 1/2 the price of the U.S.

You’ll also receive an orientation with rental information, insight into the social life for expats, residency requirements and the purchasing process for real estate.

It’s not all business though…each tour combines an option to take a look at historic landmarks, volcanoes and beaches. You’ll love exploring Central America’s oldest Colonial city and San Juan del Sur’s most beautiful beaches with us.

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Price: $1490 per person based on double occupancy. Single occupancy with a private room is $1780.

2018 Dates:  August 18- August 26 & November 10- November 18

What makes this tour special?

  • Insider access to the best experiences in the region – so you can leave the boring, day-to-day details to us.
  • A daily plan that mixes a full itinerary with enough free time to give you the flexibility you need.
  • Orientation tours in each city so you can experience the city life like a local.
  • Luxury accommodations in the best locations so you can explore on foot during free time.
  • Access to a dedicated guide to give you insider access and all the support you need.

What's included in the price?

  • Three meals a day & 8 nights of lodging
  • Transportation between Managua, Leon, Granada and San Juan del Sur
  • City orientation tours
  • Real estate tour & home visits
  • Real estate legal presentation
  • Relocation presentation on residency, visas and importing goods
  • Visits to local beaches, Isleta boat tour & Tasty Ceviche workshop

See What Past Tour Attendees Have to Say

Wow! What an incredible experience! Bastin led us from Managua through Granada, Léon, Peneloya, Las Penitas, Catarina and San Juan del Sur. In each location we had interesting and relevant speakers who covered topics such as: how to make ceviche, hammock making, and sign language in addition to standard fare of expat life; shopping in the local market, how to buy real estate, residency, banking etc. He kept us to his well designed schedule, but was willing to adapt to individual needs (with the agreement of the group) such as an exciting excursion to find a long forgotten lot belonging to one of our group!  

Bastin and Debbie are real stars. Both have wonderful outgoing personalities and a great sense of humor. Their selfless dedication to helping the local community through the Manos Unidas project was heart-warming. This example helped our group to form strong bonds of friendship that will continue long after the end of the tour. Every one of us left with an increased knowledge of the country and its people, and a stronger desire to return. Dave and I highly recommend this experience to anyone considering a move to Nicaragua.

Julia Baker Springer
Julia Baker Springer

My wife and I just got back last night after our relocation tour with Bastin and we couldn't be happier with the experience. Bastin and Debbie are an amazing couple doing amazing work with local communities. The tour itself surpassed our expectations, even though we've been going to Nicaragua for many years. Bastin was so organized, and managed to keep our unruly group to a set schedule without it feeling like we were on one.

His organizational skills are superior and he does it so effortlessly, you almost forget what it must take to organize a tour like this, covering the amount of ground it does. We learned so many new things about banking, real estate and even legal advice. But the real spectacular memories are of Tio Antonio at Cafe de Sonrisas, and Bastin's crew at Manos Unidas; we feel so blessed to have been given this opportunity. 

Jim Fox
Jim Fox

My husband and I took the March Relocation Tour to Nicaragua. BEST TRIP EVER!!!!! Every thing was planned, even things we didn't think of. The trip offered a great opportunity to see life in Nica. We plan on going back!

Jean Cherep
Jean Cherep