Residency Questions Answered: Gloria Pérez Esquivel

In an exclusive interview with Gloria Pérez Esquivel, an associate with Garcia & Bodan Law Firm, we got answers to the most frequently asked questions that expatriates have about getting a residency in Nicaragua.

If you’re considering retiring in Nicaragua, or thinking about opening a business in the country as a foreigner, you’ll definitely want to browse through these videos.

Temporary Residency? Permanent? What's the Difference?

In this first video Gloria Pérez Esquivel details the differences between "permanent" and "temporary" residency options available for expatriates in Nicaragua.


Benefits of residency

Next Gloria explains the benefits of getting your residency as an expatriate. Planning to open a local bank account? Thinking of starting a business? Then you'll want to hear what she has to say here.


Must know steps to become a resident

Okay, so you've now decided that you do in fact want to get your Nicaraguan residency.  What's next? It can be a confusing process, but we've got you covered.  In this next video, Gloria outlines the steps for you.


Recap of documents for residency

It's time to get to work and collect documents. Here's a final recap of the documents you'll need to finalize your residency process.  Some are a little harder to get than others, but "poco a poco" (little by little), as they say here in Nicaragua.


Ready to become a resident?

So there you have it.

4 videos to answer your questions about residency.

Pair the videos with this earlier interview we ran with Gloria on Nicaragua residency.

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