San Juan Del Sur Farmers Market: Local Connections

It’s Saturday morning and pickup trucks and cars are assembling in-front of Big Wave Daves for the weekly farmers market. It’s first-come-first-get-space so vendors pile into the shady interior before the 9am start, their goods piled high.

Shopping for local, artisan products is fun. And the weekly San Juan del Sur farmers market is no exception. Wonder to the table groaning with smoked bacon and ham, check out the artisan breads and finish up at the cream pie stand. On any given week you’ll be able to choose from jerky, ribs, pork, muffins, biscuits, cheese, sausage, pastrami, empanadas, yogurt, bread, smoked fish, stew, pate, and soups. Yes, all this wonderful food is available in San Juan del Sur.

Here you can act out your philosophy of buying local and connect with the expatriate community at the same time. The market has a friendly vibe so take the time to chat with vendors and local foodies. And as San Juan del Sur likes to do things differently, this farmers market has a bar out the back!

Enjoy the cornucopia of fresh food and artisanal eats. Then make some bold purchases and invite your friends over for dinner.

San Juan del Sur’s Farmers Market
Saturdays – 9am-Noon
Big Wave Daves
25 meters east of El Timon restaurant


  1. GC &Tomaza says:

    Saturday October 24th
    we will be new sellers at Big Wave Dave’s Farmer’s market.
    we have smoked meats.
    whole and half chickens. wings
    Premium heavily meated ribs
    we use apple, mesquite and hickory. NO NICARAGUAN WOOD USED FOR SMOKING.

    we will have home made sausage. Breakfast, Mexican, Italian.

    Almost all meats and sauces are spicy to hot. if you want different you can order.

    Smoked Barbecue Beans
    smoke basil garlic. use like roasted garlic only better:)
    smoked Jalapeños.
    Chinese cucumber salad.
    various salsas picante including reduced spice orange honey
    Spanish MOV. Tomaza 75 392265
    English Claro 87 444114