We turn visitors into locals

"We turn visitors into locals" proclaims a local real estate agency in a magazine advert. And that's exactly what happens. As more visitors arrive each year, a growing number find they don't want to leave. They find a way to stay longer: They buy real estate.

San Juan del Sur has emerged as the real estate hub for the entire southern Pacific coast of Nicaragua. From ocean view lots overlooking the horseshoe bay, remote eco-inspired fincas in the hills, landmark homes on high bluffs or low key property close to surf breaks, there's something to suit everyone.

This is still an early-in real estate destination. The asking prices for lots, condos and houses in San Juan del Sur are consistently lower than the premier coastal locations in Costa Rica, Belize or Panama.

If you're looking to call San Juan del Sur home, exploring your retirement options or looking for an investment property search for properties for sale on the San Juan Live Real Estate Marketplace.

For more information on buying property here you will find our Insider Tips Series for Nicaragua Real Estate Investors useful. The series provides valuable information about buying strategies, the best locations and neighborhoods, as well as tips on negotiation, real estate legal issues and the property buying process. It's designed to make you an expert at investing in real estate in Nicaragua. Sign up today.

For answers to the biggest questions we get asked about buying property here, head to our Buyer's Learning Center.

Why Natural Building Techniques Matter In Nicaragua

A multitude of factors are converging to make natural building techniques the right choice for construction in Nicaragua.

But are these techniques right for your dream home?

In this video, Austin Drill of Casa de Tierra explains the reasons why natural building is taking off in Nicaragua and walks you through some of the specific techniques that he has used with great success in San Juan del Sur. [Read more…]

The Essential Guide to the Best Neighborhoods on Nicaragua’s Southern Pacific Coast

neighborhood-guide-coverLocation! Location! Location!

It’s perhaps the most commonly recited real estate tenet. The mantra is repeated three times because it’s a crucial factor in defining the value of a property.

And so if you’re considering living and investing in Nicaragua it’s essential that you spend some time researching the different locations and neighborhoods.

To help you with this, we’ve created a free guide to the most sought after neighborhoods on Nicaragua’s Pacific Coast.

The guide gives you:

  • Insight into which locations offer the optimum combination of value and amenity.
  • An up-to-date snapshot of median prices for lots and houses to help you understand the market.
  • Better understanding of where you should focus your attention.
  • A sample of real estate listings for each neighborhood.
  • A path to clearer decision making about where to live and invest in Nicaragua.

Whether you’re just getting out of the gate with your interest in Nicaragua or you’re a regular visitor, you’ll find it an invaluable guide.

In fact, you should go ahead and grab it even if you’ve already bought a property here – it’s a fantastic primer on the real estate market and will give you insight into your own property value.

15 Reasons Why Investors Are Buying Real Estate In Nicaragua

“Why did you buy real estate in Nicaragua?”

It’s a question we’ve been asking since 2002, when we first started working in the Nicaragua real estate sector.

In that time we’ve found that some people make the decision to buy based on hard logic and a calculator, while others connect with the country on an emotional level.

Some pick out one reason and tell us, “Yes that’s why I bought property,” while others build a broader investment case.  Some have deeply personal stories that drive them to seek out something new; others buy for more objective reasons.

But despite all the different personalities and backstories, over the years we’ve noticed the same set of reasons and the same underlying concepts appear again and again.

So we decided to set them out in this short video.



Here’s what to do next

Ready to find great property deals in Nicaragua and get your questions answered?

Follow these steps:

  • Search for properties on the San Juan Live Real Estate Marketplace.
  • Sign up for the Free Insider Tips Series and receive valuable information about the best locations and neighborhoods, real estate legal issues and the property buying process.
  • [OptinLink id=22] Download the Neighborhood Guide [/OptinLink] to learn about the best neighborhoods for living and investing on Nicaragua’s Southern Pacific Coast.
  • Check out the Buyers Learning Center to get answers to frequently asked questions about investing here.

Video transcript

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The San Juan Live Real Estate Marketplace is Live


We just opened up registration for the San Juan Live Real Estate Marketplace…we’re officially live now with the first set of properties for sale.

Here’s the link.

The Real Estate Marketplace is a customized listing service that connects Buyers looking for property in the San Juan del Sur region directly with Sellers who have listed their property for sale.

We’ve been working over a year on this and we’re really excited about it because it is going to completely change the way you can buy and sell property in Nicaragua.

Many of you have asked for this, so take a look.  We can’t wait to hear what you think.

Announcing: 2 Content-Packed Real Estate Learning Centers

Buyer’s Learning Center

buyers-learning-center-originalJust a quick heads up to tell you about about the new Buyer’s Learning Center that we’ve put together.  If you’re interested in the Nicaragua real estate market you should take a look because you’ll find answers to the biggest questions about buying property here.

Click here for the Buyer’s Learning Center.

Seller’s Learning Center

sellers-learning-center-originalWe also have materials, checklists and step by step guidance for sellers – starting with the free report, “How to Sell Your Nicaragua Property Quickly.”  So if you have property to sell in Nicaragua, head to the Seller’s Learning Center.

Click here for the Sellers Learning Center.

If you’re looking to call San Juan del Sur home, exploring your retirement options or seeking out an investment property, we’ve got you covered. The San Juan Live Real Estate Marketplace puts you directly in contact with sellers who have listed their property for sale.

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The Essential Legal Steps to a Secure Property Purchase in Nicaragua

cover-image-thumb-legal-stepsInexpensive property… a low cost of living… great weather… gorgeous landscapes… a more laid back lifestyle… an opportunity for reinvention… it’s easy to see why so many people are interested in buying property in San Juan del Sur.

But many investors don’t take the time to understand the legal steps they need to take to ensure their interests are protected.

Eduardo Cabrales Cuadra, attorney with Garcia & Bodan, has focused on real estate for his entire professional life so he’s the perfect person to guide you through the process of buying property in Nicaragua to ensure the purchase goes smoothly and your investment is secure. [Read more…]

The Simple Reason Why Tom Moved Overseas

You don’t always need a long list of reasons to move overseas.

Here’s Tom’s story:

Tom lives in the US.  He hates his job and the drudgery of his 9-5 life.

He wakes up…gets ready for work…goes to work…works…comes home from work…has dinner in front of the TV…goes to bed…wakes up…gets ready for work…

He needs the job to afford his house payments.

He doesn’t like his house, but it was the only one he could find near his job.

So Tom lives in a house that he doesn’t like so that he can be near a job that he hates so that he can afford a house that he doesn’t like and have a life that’s getting him down…

What happened next?

[Read more…]

The Art & Science of Successful Real Estate Investing


Our story starts on a beachfront lot south of San Juan del Sur fringed with palm trees. Directly in front of the lot is a sandy beach leading down to the blue waters of the Pacific.

Standing on the beach is a couple, their real estate agent and a charismatic property developer. They’re all gathered to discuss the lot, which is the last one available in the current phase. The developer pours the couple another rum drink and puts a freshly caught fish on the grill.

The husband takes a deep breath and says he doesn’t want to feel like he is being rushed to make a decision. He doesn’t want to make a decision based on emotion. He wants to make a logical financial decision.

[Read more…]

Is Living in San Juan del Sur Right For You?


Think of any location in the world and you’ll come across a divide between people who love living there and people who don’t.

San Juan del Sur is no exception.

On the one side of the divide are the fans. They love the affordable lifestyle, the easy going vibe, the good value real estate, the proximity to nature, and yes, probably also the in-house help. Some will be evangelical about the surfing, some the nightlife and others the jungles and volcanoes. This group will be plugged into the local expatriate network, involved in local community activities and they’ll probably be able to get by with a little Spanish.

On the other side are the frustrated. They miss the conveniences of back home and find it hard to get things done in Nicaragua. They wish they could access all the foodstuffs they are used to and get bored when life moves slowly. If they are running a business in a remote region they may get frustrated with poor infrastructure, patchy services and difficulty hiring the right people.
[Read more…]

What Would My Life Be Like If I Lived Here?

It’s a great question. One that every real estate buyer looking at San Juan del Sur should answer before they purchase.

The good news, is that you’re in the right place.  SanJuandelSur.org is dedicated to answering the question – for both visitors and investors.

Working out whether San Juan del Sur has your right mix of lifestyle attributes is highly subjective. You’ll find the process easier once you develop a clear idea of the kind of lifestyle you desire and what you want to get out of your investment.

That’s the best place to start. Then, once you have some clarity, here are a few lifestyle factors to check off:

[Read more…]