San Juan del Sur’s Most Magical Sunsets

Sunset San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua // photo credit:

It’s the last hour of daylight. Locals carry their wooden rocking chairs onto the sidewalk, whole families come out for a leisurely stroll along the beachfront, and people gather in their favorite watering holes for a sun-downer.

For a long glorious moment everything glows with fiery shades of pink, yellow and orange.

Yes, sunsets are a cliché. But, however clichéd, everyone seems to agree that the sunsets in San Juan del Sur are spectacular.

Maybe it’s the hazy silhouettes of the cliffs that bookmark the bay, or the way the boats bob about in the currents of lights, or perhaps how the evening clouds seem to arrive at exactly the right moment. Whatever it is, watching the sun slowly dip into the ocean makes for an addictive ritual.

You can’t go wrong with the sunset here, but there are some locations that are particularly good. Here are three of the best spots to savor it:

1) Wow Factor

Perched on the hillside overlooking town, Pelican Eyes Resort, with its infinity pools, terraces and full bay views delivers the wow factor. For many it’s the place to enjoy a cold drink (or a romantic smooch) at sunset.

The view from La Canoa restaurant has all the components of a swoon-worthy vista: A frame for the setting sun (the headlands on either side of the bay), focal points to offset the colors (the boats, the infinity pool, the villas spilling down the hillside) and strong silhouettes (the colorful rooftops, the towering Jesus statue and the palm trees in the distance).

Find yourself a perch and wait for the show to begin.

2) Laid Back

You won’t find chain restaurants or high-rise hotels on San Juan del Sur’s beachfront — just a series of thatch roof restaurants and bars offering a laid-back beer-by-the-sunset atmosphere that eschews all pretension.

You’re closer to the ocean here and as the sun lowers it creates a shimmering sea. The sand glistens and the fishing boats in the harbor change color as the dying rays of light flutter over the bay.

3) Iconic Backdrop

There are several beautiful beaches where you can sip on cocktails and watch the evening light show.

But if you’re after a view that’s sublime, head to Maderas for a sunset against the backdrop of the jagged, wolf-tooth shaped outcrop the area is famous for.

As the shadows lengthen the surfers emerge from the sea and order their sunset drinks at an outdoor bar. It’s like everyone here is sharing a special secret as they toast their day’s adventure.

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