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How to Experience the Best of San Juan del Sur (Even if you’re not an Insider)

Travelers looking for adventure, discovery, self-knowledge and doing things in ways quite out of the ordinary have much to choose from in San Juan del Sur.

In our style of travel you’re deeply rooted in the region and in the perfect spot to notch up another great experience. All you need to do is choose how to spend your time. Then, delegate all the travel planning to us.


Thinking about relocating? Find out if Nicaragua is right for you.

If you’ve ever dreamed of living abroad, there has never been a better time to make the move. During these times of turmoil and uncertainty, we know a lot of you are re-thinking your future. It’s time to be creative, take control of your future, protect your family and seriously consider plan-B.

If the current political climate of the United States has you rattled, let me suggest an alternative: We’d like to introduce you to Nicaragua. A country with the cheapest cost of living in Central America. Where you can live comfortably on a bare-bones budget, reinvent your life to experience adventure, and purchase stunning properties for far less than elsewhere in the region.

If all that sounds too good to be true, we’d like to invite you to visit Nicaragua to see it with your own eyes. Think of the relocation tour as a road map to the best opportunities the country has to offer and a way to experience, first hand, how you can live an alternative lifestyle in these difficult times.

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Personal Surf Coaching at the Best Breaks

If you’re dreaming of warm water and consistent waves, then San Juan del Sur is where to come. Surfers are evangelical about the breaks on offer in this region of un-crowded lineups and off-shore breezes. There’s something here for every level of surfer and for every style of surfing. Some breaks are still hard to get to (we’re not complaining, it keeps paradise intact a little longer) but with a little guidance from local experts, San Juan del Sur can be your surfing wonderland.

Our surf trip gives you step-by-step personalized instruction and no-hassle access to the best breaks so that you can accelerate your surfing success.

Get better at surfing

Volunteer on your “Vacation with a Purpose”

Want something more out of the ordinary? An experience where you immerse yourself deeply into Nicaraguan culture, see things from a new angle and give something back to the local community? We understand! There’s no secret that seeing the best of a place is to get off the tourist trail and burrow under its skin. By volunteering on your vacation, you can enjoy all that Nicaragua has to offer while making a positive impact on local lives.

Join us on a “Vacation with a Purpose” and you’ll be directly connecting your vacation with the sustainable development of San Juan del Sur and its people.

Vacation with a Purpose

Indulge your Sense of Adventure

In San Juan del Sur, adventure can mean zipping through jungle canopies in the hills behind Palermo, rappelling down a sheer cliff into the ocean or galloping along an empty beach. Why not surf yourself silly on some of the best breaks in the world or explore incredible coastal scenery on a stand up paddle board. Travel offers a chance do things you like doing, in new places and in new ways. The fun starts with the choices.

Because adventure comes in all shapes and sizes, you get to choose your daily fix on our Go Adventure tour.

Go Adventure

Customize your Trip

If none of our scheduled dates fit your schedule or you want to combine activities in our other tours, we can customize a tour especially for you. So if you want to surf and volunteer this is the tour for you. We’d be happy to put together a customized itinerary based on activities you would most like to experience. We can organize a vacation rental, resort or hotel accommodations. You choose, after all this is your vacation.

Tell us the activities you would most like to experience for a customized itinerary.

Custom itinerary