The Simple Reason Why Tom Moved Overseas

You don’t always need a long list of reasons to move overseas.

Here’s Tom’s story:

Tom lives in the US.  He hates his job and the drudgery of his 9-5 life.

He wakes up…gets ready for work…goes to work…works…comes home from work…has dinner in front of the TV…goes to bed…wakes up…gets ready for work…

He needs the job to afford his house payments.

He doesn’t like his house, but it was the only one he could find near his job.

So Tom lives in a house that he doesn’t like so that he can be near a job that he hates so that he can afford a house that he doesn’t like and have a life that’s getting him down…

What happened next?

Tom quit his job, sold his house and moved overseas.

He found a spot where the property was cheap and lattes no longer cost $4.

He became a freelancer and worked remotely.

He was earning less money.  But because of his new, lower cost of living, he was netting more.

Tom had just got a raise.

And by deciding to opt out of a 9-5 lifestyle he was enjoying life more.

Sometimes the reason to move overseas is simple:  Tom hated his job and wanted to escape.

Looking To Call San Juan del Sur Home?

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  1. Jonathan sturgis says:

    Could anyone ease give me a contact in San Juan del sur, Nicaragua so I can job search. Please help. I want to move to the area.

    Thank you

    J sturgis

    • Editor SanJuanDelSur.Org says:

      Jonathan thanks for the note, the right contact will depend on the kind of job you are looking for. We’ll drop you a line via email.

  2. Hi there,

    Currently leaving in Montreal but longing to go back home ( German but born in Nicaragua), can anyone guide me in the right direction in terms of cheap rent, job search in San Juan area? Many thanks in advance. KR, Monique

  3. planning a move to San Juan Del Sur. what jobs can we expect to get? Backgrounds are dental, quality control in the food industry, and natural resources. Do not want desk jobs and don’t need to live like royalty.

    • Editor SanJuanDelSur.Org says:

      Hi Kelly, Thanks for stopping by. Most opportunities in San Juan del Sur are related to the tourism, residential real estate and hospitality industries. Look out for an email from us on this.

  4. Kjel Swennen says:

    I really want to go to San Juan del Sur, but can anyone give me some information about cheap rentals and job opportunities. My Background is that I have bachelor in tourism & recreation management.

    • Editor SanJuanDelSur.Org says:

      Hi Kjel – Thanks for the comment. As San Juan del Sur develops more niches are opening up for the entrepreneurial minded. It’s often the case of seeing an opportunity and filling it rather than applying for a formal job. Look out for an email from us.

  5. I’ve finally decided to move to SJDS! A buddy and I are making an exploratory first time trip there toward end of Jan. I’m interested in a long term rental first and would like to see some properties while in town. Any ideas? We were thinking of checking out Poneloya first then rent a car and drive down to SJDS. I only have 5 days, would you recommend just going straight to SJDS instead?

    • Editor SanJuanDelSur.Org says:

      Great news Keith that you’re planning a visit. We’ve sent you some ideas on long term rentals.

  6. I need to have some real estate contact names and phone numbers. My husband and I are looking to buy a lot in order to retire there in the next 3-5 years.

    Thank you for your response!

    • Editor SanJuanDelSur.Org says:

      Hi Jan, Thanks for leaving a comment. Please look out for an email from us with an introduction to the market and the kind of price points you can expect for different property types.

  7. What’s the population if San Juan! Looking to move there! What month is the best time to visit?

    • Editor SanJuanDelSur.Org says:

      Hi Robert the population is around 20,000. It’s always warm in San Juan del Sur making anytime good for a visit. But to help you with your planning here’s some guidance: The main surf season runs from April – December although you’ll find waves year round. The main turtle nesting period falls from July to January (peaking September and October) and the height of the tourism season typically falls on December and January. The rains will have stopped but the country should still be green and lush.

  8. Hi i would like to get some information with regards to job opportunity and real estate experience in residential construction as site superintendent for 28 years perhaps an asset but i am not sure if it helps or not ….Can you give me some info on this or direct me to some one who can ?? Thank You so much ….Al

    • Editor SanJuanDelSur.Org says:

      Hi Al, As the construction and real estate sectors are active in San Juan del Sur, your skills are a good match locally. The best first step is to come here for a visit and start to network locally with people working in the sector. Look out for an email from us on this. Thanks for leaving a comment.

  9. Good afternoon,

    I am looking to move to San Juan del Sur in June of 2014 with my brother and children. I have a bachelors degree in Liberal Arts but the emphasis is English. I also have many credits in Math and Accounting. I will be needing work any ideas or advice would be great.

    Let me know what information you need from me… I am currently taking TEFL courses to make myself more marketable

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Melissa Ordner

    • Editor SanJuanDelSur.Org says:

      Hi Melissa, Thanks for stopping by. Have you been to San Juan del Sur before? I’m assuming from the above that teaching English would be your primary focus?

      • I have not been before, but I have family that has and will be moving there with 2 other families. I feel that teaching would be a good opportunity for me – but truly I am up for anything. I know that there are resorts and other large business.

  10. Can you provide any good links for real estate that would be more in line with what the locals live in? My wife is from Nicaragua and we’re looking at moving back there to SJDS. I’m not looking for a 100k+ place like all the online searches turn up… just something close to the beach and with indoor plumbing. Thanks for the help.

    • Editor SanJuanDelSur.Org says:

      Ryan, Great that you’re looking at moving to San Juan del Sur. Yes there’s real estate available to suit all kinds of needs and price points. Look out for an email with some ideas to get you started.

  11. My wife and I just returned from a week in SJDS, mostly staying around Playa Marsella. We also spent a few days at Ometepe! We’re hooked, and want to move to SJDS as soon as we can work out the details.

    We’re looking to rent a very modest home somewhere between SJDS and Playa Maderas, and to having some kind of business (or businesses) that will cover our expenses and a little extra. In our short time there, it was hard to see what was “missing” or what niches needed to be filled – any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Keep in mind that we don’t have a large amount to invest up front (<US$20,000), but this might be enough to get started… Cheers.

    • Editor SanJuanDelSur.Org says:

      That’s great that you’re hooked on the San Juan del Sur area Steven. We are too!

      From a business perspective we’re seeing expats get involved in all sorts of niches. Some run restaurants, coffee shops, yoga centers or boutiques; others export local crafts; some offer customized tours and adventure trips while others are involved in transport services. Quite a few work online either as writers or in web design while others do property management, support local developers with customer service or buy and sell real estate. These niches may not seem new but there’s lots of opportunity given how fast San Juan del Sur is evolving.

      Let us know when you plan the next trip as we’d be happy to meet up and discuss.

      (On vacation rentals, we just listed this property – – and discounts are available for long term renters. More good value rentals to follow)

  12. Hi there,

    Great read! And fun connecting with others that have similar lifestyle perspectives.

    I recently purchased property just outside of SJDS and have intentions of building in the next year or two. I would greatly appreciate an email to discuss employment opportunities in the area.


  13. Trevor Peterson says:

    Hi, great website. My wife and two children are very interested in moving to SJDS. We are just beginning to plan our summer vacation for June this year and I think SJDS will be the location to scope out the area and kind of evaluate what living there would be like. I am interested in what type of work is available and also what is the possibility for an American couple purchasing or opening a small bar and restaurant?

    Thanks for all the great info on this site!

    • Editor SanJuanDelSur.Org says:

      Trevor, That’s great that you’re looking to visit San Juan del Sur later this year to scope out the area. We’d be happy to suggest ways for you to get the most out of your trip. Look out for an email from us.

  14. Hi,
    Im considering starting an elementary type classroom small school there? Is there a need? Sustainable, science based/math emphasis etc….Doable? Any connections in educational area I could contact?


    • Editor SanJuanDelSur.Org says:

      Hi Peter, Good to hear from you. Check out this article on the San Juan del Sur Day school that we published earlier.

      There are also a number of public schools and non-profits which offer additional educational after school programs. You can check out the volunteering section of our website to view information the various educational non-profits in town. There is certainly an endless need for educational initiatives in town.

  15. Hello there,
    First, I would like to say great website, you guys are doing a good job. Second, I am from nicaragua currently living in USA but looking to buy a lot in san juan del sur since my wife and I are planning to move back in the future. Any information will be helpfull thanks.

    • Editor SanJuanDelSur.Org says:

      Hi Cristhiam thanks for the kind words about the website. I’ve sent you an email with information on lots in San Juan del Sur to help you with your research. It will give you a quick insight into market options. Great news that you and your wife are planning to move back in the future.

  16. Robert wysocki says:

    Hi there!
    My family is looking to relocate to SJDS this fall full time. I am a building contractor (who speaks passable Spanish) looking for a renovation property, but will most probably need a rental for our family to live in during the construction process. Any ideas on who I should contact? As well, my wife is a Pediatrician, and would like to know of the possibilities of working there. Lastly ( but most importantly!), our two boys, aged 3&5, would most likely be going to the daycare/school mentioned on your website…. When does the school year start? Any answers would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

  17. Hi, my wife and I are both retired. We are from nicaragua raised in in the USA. We are planning on moving to SJDS within a year or two. We would like to have some info on getting a lot to build on with a view of the ocean, it does not have to be close to the water but will like to have a view of it. Any info will be appreciated. Thanks and have a nice day.

    • Editor SanJuanDelSur.Org says:

      Great to hear that you’re planning to move to San Juan del Sur in the near future. We’re in the process of adding resources for real estate investors to the site. I’ll email you as we roll this out over the next few weeks.

  18. Really like all of the information available on this website! Can you please forward me some info. On purchasing property on or near the ocean. Our main focus would be to purchase & use as a vacation rental. Also, how we can get in touch with other foreigners who have purchased property within the last year. Thanks in advance!

    • Editor SanJuanDelSur.Org says:

      Thanks Sherry for the kind words. We have created a Free Insider Tips Series for Nicaragua real estate investors that provides in-depth information about purchasing property here. I see you have signed up so you should be receiving your information shortly.

  19. Hello,
    Im very drawn to Nicaragua, my husband and I live in Northern Ontario, Canada. I really would like to get away from the 9-5 and the freezing winters. We are both in our late 30’s and would be happy for any info you could send us.
    My husband is also a teacher, maybe he could teach?
    Thanks for a great website,

    • Editor SanJuanDelSur.Org says:

      Karman, Thanks for the comment and kind words about the website. I see that you have subscribed to updates from us. That’s great and means that you’ll continue to receive articles on San Juan del Sur that should help you envisage what your life would be like if you made the move. Let us know if you have a visit planned in the near future.

  20. Jacob Thompson says:

    Hi, I have a special oceanfront property in Guacalito I want to sell. Local realtors not helping. Any self marketing suggestions ?
    I haven’t seen all of your postings so have missed much information.

  21. William Nienaber says:

    My wife and I will be traveling to San Juan del Sur in July for vacation. We also intend to do some prospecting for a home or condo to be our retirement location. Can you recommend any reputable, trustworthy real estate agents that we can meet during our stay? Any help would be much appreciated.

  22. Isabelle R says:

    I’ve been doing some pretty intense research on moving to Nicaragua & starting a life there. I am a young college grad with a degree in economics and a strong business background. Wondering what the job market is like & what types of options I would have, business related or not. Not looking to make any large amount of money..