SJDS Biblioteca: A Gateway to Education

Mobile Library
The San Juan del Sur Biblioteca Publica is a free public library open to everyone that crosses its path.  Located across the street from Central Park in the heart of town, it’s doors open every day except for Sundays.  The library consists of over 12,000 books, primarily in Spanish, for students and patrons to borrow, browse and return.  The library also hosts free classes covering a myriad of topics including public health, English classes, literacy and crafts for children.  The library offers a safe and healthy place for children to read, learn, study and get lost in imagination.  Upon seeing the walls and shelves lined with children’s art, inspiring posters, educational games and stuffed animals it’s no wonder this is one of the most popular non-profits in town for children of all ages.

However the Biblioteca Publica is much more than just a building with books.  Undoubtedly the most treasured part of this organization is the Biblioteca Movil, San Juan del Sur’s one and only mobile lending library.  Three days a week the library staff and volunteers fill a pick up truck with books for all ages and drive down dirt roads not labeled on Google earth.  Children in schools hours outside of San Juan eagerly wait the arrival of the lending library truck on their designated day of the month.  Only those that return their books get to check out a new one and most schools have perfect attendance when the library comes to their neighborhood.

The library is always in need in financial aid, school supplies, backpacks, dry erase markers, art materials and children’s books in Spanish.  Volunteers are always welcome to attend the daily mobile lending commutes.  If you can only volunteer one single day, the Movil Library is our number one recommendation if you want to make a difference and get exposed to a different side of San Juan del Sur.  We strongly encourage you to make a donation to the library or offer to pay the gas for the driver.


Monday through Thursday 8 AM – 6 PM
Friday 8 AM – 5 PM
Saturday 9 AM – 4 PM
Closed Sunday

SJDS Biblioteca