The Casa Llanta Fund: Hear their voices, see their faces

photo credit // Jessica Gildersleeve

photo credit // Jessica Gildersleeve

For many, San Juan del Sur is all about the beach experience – with surfing, fishing and sailing as the main attractions.  Others are drawn to the undeveloped landscape and jungles.  And some find that the easy going lifestyle is a reminder to slow down and refocus on the substance of life that really matters.  The substance that prioritizes relationships and community service over quarterly reports and deadlines.

For me, San Juan del Sur has always been a town that inspires adventure, creativity and giving back to the marginalized. I fell in love with the sleepy little beach town on my first visit in 2006. I’ve stayed all these years because of the local people.  Those people closest to my heart are students, teachers and families that I’ve met over the last decade by volunteering with the Casa Llanta Fund.

Check out this video to hear their voices, see their faces and learn more about our key initiatives.


  1. Barbara E Smith says:

    I am looking forward to visiting in October for a month or so and returning in the new year to make my permanent home in San Juan del Sur.
    Much to be excited about and at the top of my list is volunteering with the Casa Llanta Fund.

    • Great that you are planning a visit in October. Have a great time! Thanks for checking out the site.