Taking a Trip to San Juan del Sur? You’ve Got One Chance To Get It Right…

The dream – traveling to San Juan del Sur for a unique adventure and cultural experience, and returning home rejuvenated with new friends, a deeper understanding of Nicaraguan culture and great stories to share.

The reality – you end up in a bland hotel in an uninspiring location that does not do justice to San Juan del Sur. You try and find exciting things to do each day but you miss the best live local music and the adventure activity you have your heart set on is fully booked.

What if you could spend time being coached on San Juan del Sur by insiders who have been living and working here for over a decade?

The Insider Guide to San Juan del Sur is designed to give you the knowledge and inspiration for a remarkable travel experience – whether its adventure, nature, culture, or simple relaxation that you seek.

It’s a downloadable eBook and you can have it instantly (with no need for delivery fees) for just $7.99 USD

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In this 180 page Ebook you'll discover:

  • Under the radar, little touted and off the beaten track experiences not covered in regular guidebooks (Miss any one of these and you’ll have to come back)
  • Practical insider tips to plug you deeper into the region and get you immersed into local life in San Juan del Sur
  • Why so many people go to Playa Maderas and dozens of alternative beaches that most travelers overlook
  • 6 different ways to experience San Juan del Sur to help you build the perfect itinerary
  • A checklist of 101 things to do in San Juan del Sur
  • The 5 mistakes that otherwise smart travelers make in San Juan del Sur (you’ll definitely want to avoid #4)
  • Real world advice to ensure you have a smooth trip
  • Interviews with locals to connect you closer to the lives of the people who live here
  • Romance secrets: 6 experiences that will blow your date’s mind… and yours
  • Plus you’ll get coupons to top quality local businesses (Use just one and the guidebook pays for itself)

Who else wants to experience the best of San Juan del Sur?

Like all vacation spots, San Juan del Sur has a set of top experiences and archetypical activities that represent the best of the place. The kind of experiences that make you think; "Only in San Juan del Sur."

But unlike more mainstream destinations San Juan del Sur's little touted attractions can be hard to uncover. Especially on a short vacation when your time is precious.

So we created a guide that’s laser focused on San Juan del Sur.

While other Nicaragua guidebooks only have a handful of pages on San Juan del Sur, every page of the guide is focused on the region - showcasing the experiences that only San Juan del Sur can deliver.


We guarantee that THE INSIDER GUIDE TO SAN JUAN DEL SUR will be a great investment.   If you decide that the guide has not helped you improve your understanding of what is on offer in San Juan del Sur in 30 days we’ll return your money in full.  No questions asked.

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Why do we think this is the best guide to San Juan del Sur on the market?

Because it’s informative and inspiring - We deep-dive into every neighborhood – from Ostional to Maderas - highlighting the keys to understanding each one. It’s like having a private tour of every neighborhood in San Juan del Sur. A tour designed to connect you closely with the character of each destination.

Because it will help you get the most out of your time and money - We've outlined where to go, when to go, what to do and how to get there … from hotels to restaurants and music to shopping.

Because it’s packed with real world advice – Advice that will save you days of trial and error and help you get more from San Juan del Sur from the moment you arrive. Just take the planning chapter for example. It may seem like the same old planning chapter, but it’s not. It’s different. Read it closely. It could even be the most important chapter in the book.

Because it gives you unfiltered access to what life is like - Throughout the guidebook you’ll find interviews with local residents and business owners. They’ve told us stories of the town's history and shared their aspirations for the future.   It’s listening to voices like these that help break down the distance between the way you see a place and the lives of its local residents.

Because it’s meaty – 180 pages packed with travel insights, detailed maps, a full business directory, local interviews, comprehensive descriptions and insider stories.

Because it’s guaranteed – you get a 30 day, no questions asked Money Back Guarantee. If you’re not satisfied, just let us know and we’ll refund your money in full.

What others are saying about the Insider Guide to San Juan del Sur

With my busy schedule I don’t have a lot of time to plan trips.  But knowing that I would be spending money traveling to San Juan Del Sur, I knew that this was the best piece of travel advice that I could read.

This guide allowed me to make the most of my previous vacation time by putting together the trip of a lifetime.   One of the brilliant parts is how they combine softer, contextual information (like the interviews with fascinating local community characters) with harder, more factual chapters and incredibly detailed maps.

I found it a wake up call on how to travel well in San Juan del Sur.  I’d recommend it to any busy traveler who wants to make the most of their time in Nicaragua.

Rowena Spence
Santa Barbara, CA resident and high school teacher 

Having run my own volleyball tour business and visited SJDS for more than a decade, I thought the guide would be rehashing a lot of what I already knew about town.  But I was pleasantly surprised by new travel ideas and in depth contact information for businesses that are difficult to reach. Brooke and Claudia have brought together a huge, up to date, body of knowledge into one cohesive package that’s easy to read, follow and use to build a perfect trip or tour.

I also loved the coupons.  I know many of the businesses that have coupons in the guide.  It’s obvious that’s they have only included coupons from high quality local businesses.

Tim Kelly
Founder of Bring It Promotions Volleyball Agency and Developer of Arriba Verde

When I first saw this guide, I thought I didn’t need it.  I already have travel guides covering Nicaragua and Central America and I've lived in town since 2011.  But as soon as I started reading it I could see that this one was different.  It digs so much deeper and covers neighborhoods and experiences not mentioned in any of the other guides.

It felt like someone was giving me a private tour of every neighborhood in San Juan del Sur and helping me see the place with new eyes.

Bastin Vracken
Co-Founder of Together Tours and Manos Unidas

Take a peek inside

About the authors

Brooke Rundle

Brooke moved from California to San Juan del Sur in 2007. As a sales agent with Coldwell Banker Nicaragua from 2007 – 2014, she’s led dozens of real estate tours through every neighborhood and mountain range in the region. Since 2011 she stepped into a sales and marketing role at Villas de Palermo Resort. Over the years she’s organized and hosted numerous types of surf, sports and service tours throughout Nicaragua with various visiting schools, churches and tour operators. She even hosted an episode of House Hunters International HGTV.

“San Juan del Sur is a town that inspires adventure, creativity and service.” She says, “I originally came seeking surf and adventure. I’ve stayed all these years because of the people.”

Her heart is evidenced by the service work she’s dedicated her life to. She co-founded and continues to run a San Juan del Sur based non-profit called the Casa Llanta Fund. The fund provides English classes and scholarships for students in the neighborhood of El Carizal and initiated a sustainable women’s cooperative called Condimentos del Carizal which produces and sells homemade jams. She also co-founded Manos Unidas, a cooperative for adults with disabilities to make and sell handmade flowers and bags as well as the Pitaya Fest, an annual music festival which raises money for educational initiatives in the community.

Claudia Gonella

Claudia first ventured to Nicaragua in 2000, initially living in Granada, then Managua and finally in San Juan del Sur.

“I finally found the Nicaragua I love,” she says. “San Juan del Sur brings me closer to nature, closer to community and closer to fun than any other place I know”.

She ran a real estate brokerage in Nicaragua for over a decade, helping hundreds of investors and visitors understand Nicaragua and carve out their place in it.

She is a freelance writer, editor, trip designer and co-founder of San Juan Live ( a website dedicated to helping visitors and residents get the most out of San Juan del Sur.

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