San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua Travel Tips

Taking a trip to San Juan del Sur? You've got one chance to have a remarkable travel experience.

Our aim in this travel tips section is to enable you to get to the heart of San Juan del Sur, explore this beautiful region of Nicaragua as an well-informed insider and return home with wonderful memories to share with your friends and family.

A smart traveler is a well informed traveler so read on for tips, lessons learned, mistakes to avoid, timely travel advice and suggestions on things to do.

Plus we'll be featuring local businesses and profiling the locals who run them. We've seen first hand that when tourism supports local businesses in San Juan del Sur it can bring about real community benefits. Even better: connecting locally will also improve and add to your overall travel experience.

P:S If you are interested in a vacation here with more fun and less stress The Insider Guide to San Juan del Sur might be a good fit for you. It not only provides you with the knowledge and inspiration for a remarkable travel experience but helps you avoid the mistakes that otherwise smart travelers make when they travel here. So if you'd like to have a look, go ahead and click on this link for the details.

7 Things you Must Not Miss when you take your Vacation in San Juan del Sur

7-things-must-not-missWalk into any large travel agency and posted on the main walls are the glossy posters of big name attractions around the world. These are the anchor experiences that the travel agency is trying to promote.

For many people they are a destination in their own right, or a big part of the decision process in choosing where to go.

So how does this apply to a vacation in San Juan del Sur?

Like all vacation spots, San Juan del Sur has a set of top experiences and archetypical activities that represent the best of the place. The kind of experiences that make you think; “Only in San Juan del Sur“.

Residents know what these are, but we’d bet that none of them have ever graced the shelves of that travel agency we mentioned.

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How well do you know San Juan del Sur? (Part 1)

SJDS beachfrontPhoto Credit: Wendy Alexander Jacobson

I’ve been living in San Juan del Sur for 7 years now and I still feel like I learn something new every week.   Sometimes even every day.  There’s always more to learn about the local culture, the surrounding natural environment, the history of the country, the lives of our resident neighbors and of course the Spanish language and it’s local nuances.

So how well do you know San Juan del Sur?

Take this quiz and you may find out that you still have a lot to learn about the town you think you know so well.

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10 Apps Guaranteed to Make Your Life Better in San Juan del Sur


Smart phones might not exactly be improving the quality of our lives, but they are most certainly putting worlds of information at our fingertips. With a single swipe you can now check the surf report, the status of your flight schedule, and more… even in Nicaragua.

So if you are looking for the latest hot travel app to make your life better in San Juan del Sur, here’s our pick of 10 for your smart phone or tablet. [Read more…]

The Top 10 Reasons We Love the Dry Season in San Juan del Sur

The ‘dry season’ in Nicaragua starts in November and ends when the rains begin to fall in late May. The driest months are March and April and temperatures range from 85 to 90 degrees (28 – 30ºC).

We’re in the middle of the dry season here in San Juan del Sur and as we like being timely, we thought we’d set out the top 10 highlights of the season.

1. Calling all snowbirds

The dry season in Nicaragua coincides with winter in the US, Canada and Europe. If you’re tired of ice and freezing temperatures, book your plane ticket to Nicaragua and soak up the heat.  The dry season guarantees your fill of warm weather and sunshine. [Read more…]

What is Insider Travel?

Carizal noun: one who has special knowledge or access to exclusive information.

Being an insider or having access to information from in-the-know insiders is powerful stuff when it comes to travel. And it’s especially important in places that are still relatively undeveloped for tourism and where traditional guidebooks just skim the surface of the kind of experiences on offer.

Places like San Juan del Sur in Nicaragua.

So here are 4 reasons why being an insider will give you a different kind of experience when you travel to San Juan del Sur – something really exceptional: [Read more…]

Do You Make These 5 Mistakes When You Travel?

I’m guessing you travel to leave behind the familiar, see the world and experience something new. Whether it’s a stirring adventure, a few days of surfing and relaxing, or deep cultural immersion that you crave, you’ll want to return home with a memorable story – perhaps even one that gets you clapped on the back by your friends.

Sounds great, right?

But as you might have guessed from the article headline, not all travel turns out that way. There are ways to mess things up.

Here are 5 of the most common mistakes we’ve seen people make when they travel to San Juan del Sur. [Read more…]

11 Reasons to take a Family Vacation to San Juan del Sur

Debbie Babysitting 2
Nicaragua may receive weekly recognition in international news and travel websites for its world class surf, luxury spa escapes and developing real estate market, but can you really take your children on a trip to the country?

The answer now is yes.  San Juan del Sur can be the perfect family vacation spot.  So if a family vacation to Hawaii filled with sun, surf and culture just isn’t in your budget this year, you may want to consider a trip down south.  We’ve compiled a list of 11 activities for you and your kids to do in Nicaragua’s most popular beach town.

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Seven Ways To Screw Up A Trip To San Juan del Sur

San Juan Sunset

San Juan del Sur, a vacation spot like no other. With beautiful beaches, gorgeous sunsets, big waves and lots of fun to be had in paradise, it is a place not to miss. Nicaragua has so much to offer travelers and San Juan del Sur is the icing on the cake.

Whether you are spending your entire vacation at the beach or traveling around, here are 7 ways to make sure you go home with amazing memories and nothing but good things to say about San Juan del Sur and Nicaragua. [Read more…]