An epic sailing adventure on a “pirate ship” that should be on your bucket list

Sail Nicaragua | photo credit : Two Guys Adventures

“Walk the plank!” my 5 year-old sailing companion yelled at me from across the bow.  It doesn’t take much imagination to escape into a dream world on the newest “pirate ship” in San Juan del Sur’s harbor.

The vessel’s beautifully restored wooden deck, spiral staircase, hand carved rum-shot-sword and giant pirate flag make it easy to see why so many visiting sailors embrace the pirate fantasy on the cruise up Nicaragua’s Pacific coast with Two Guys Adventures.

Below the deck is an entire underwater world that invites travelers on longer, multi-night sailing excursions and surf trips.  The ship has a total of 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a full kitchen, 2 separate dining areas and a wooden roll-top desk. Mini fishnet hammocks hang from the wooden in-laid ceiling bars to keep treasures in place.  The king bed in the master bedroom is walled on one side by a window which serves as a lens into the sea.

Sail Nicaragua | photo credit : Two Guys AdventuresFrom the moment we stepped on board the crew secured our valuables, educated us on ocean safety and offered us a glass of their famous Pirate Grog – a magical mixture of Flor de Cana rum, fresh pineapple juice, and other secret ingredients. 

We sailed north to Playa Blanca with my friend’s extended family and children. The captain’s welcoming embrace and watchful eye over the children eased our concerns with having little ones on board. There were foam floaties for the kids, beer koozies for the adults and pirate gear for anyone wanting to partake. The all-you-can-eat ceviche was delicious, fresh and perfectly seasoned. And the drinks were always ice-cold.  

Sail Nicaragua | photo credit : Two Guys Adventures

I had heard nothing but rave reviews about Joey and Kelsey’s operation at Two Guys Adventures, so I wasn’t surprised by their level of professionalism on the water.  But there was something else that caught my eye that day. Sitting on the bar, below the deck was the Pirate Grog motto that Captain Joey wrote on his long journey south from San Diego to Nicaragua. 

If you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up too much space. 

We’re part of large community of sailors, explorers, climbers and those living day to day life on the edge. 

Always searching for the extraordinary in the mundane.

And refusing to live a life not worth remembering. 

Some refer to us as crazy, unorthodox, and eccentric.

We refer to ourselves as Pirates.

Pirates that prefer a rocking sea and a crowded cabin to a cubicle and quarterly reports. 

Pirates that trade comfort and security for adventure and the unknown.

It’s so much more than a motto, it’s a lifestyle.  All the sailors and explorers on this pirate ship were united by a choice for adventure.  Today, I chose to walk the plank of a pirate ship.  The next time I step foot on that boat, I’ll choose a longer sailing option because a single afternoon with Two Guys Adventures simply wasn’t enough. 

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