San Juan del Sur Loves Volleyball

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Did you know that Bring It Promotions Volleyball Agency has hosted over 30 college and club volleyball teams from the United States in Nicaragua?  And did you know that all 30 have come to San Juan del Sur?

That’s right, since 2007 teams from all over the US have taken on the Nicaragua national and junior teams right here in San Juan del Sur’s Parque Deportivo.

Camp girls

A Bigger Vision

With the support of Comunidad Connect, the visiting teams also host grass-roots style volleyball clinics and camps for girls at local schools donating volleyballs, uniforms, kneepads and other supplies for sports and school.

The clinics are not just about improving skills or winning games, there’s more to it.  The bigger picture is to provide opportunities for girls to play sports in a community with little to offer when it comes to organized sports for girls.  And the ultimate goal is for the players to leave the court inspired to aim higher in all aspects of their lives.

The Love of the Game is Growing

There’s no question that San Juan del Sur is becoming a haven for volleyball players and fans. The outdoor stadium on San Juan’s beach front was nearly packed out when the Nicaragua national team took on the University of Princeton and Loras College in back-to-back matches.


But it’s the beaches that are really attracting young players and fans. San Juan del Sur recently played host to the Olympic Beach Volleyball Qualifier for Central America teams.  And this year’s Pitaya Fest included a beach volleyball tournament between the College of Charleston and the Nicaraguan national beach team.

Thanks to the donation of two outdoor nets from Park & Sun Sports to the Nicaraguan beach volleyball federation, the teams were able to compete at Playa Hermosa with the incredible backdrop of the surf competition. For more photos from the tournament, check out the album on our facebook page.


Photo credit : Jessica Gildersleeve

Giving Thanks

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has helped to ignite the passion for volleyball in San Juan del Sur:

  • Thanks to every team that’s visited, played, volunteered and donated equipment, jerseys and balls.
  • Thanks to Comunidad Connect for promoting and hosting the youth clinics and matches with Bring It Promotions.
  • Thanks to USA volleyball for donating inspiring volleyball coloring books and stickers.
  • Thanks to Park & Sun Sports for donating 2 outdoor volleyball nets to the Nicaraguan volleyball federations for beach tournaments and kids camps.
  • And thanks to everyone who has come along to one of the matches.

We hope to continue to spread the love of the game and offer more sports opportunities for girls in San Juan del Sur.

San Juan Live works hand in hand with Bring It Promotions and is a proud sponsor of Comunidad Connect to provide volleyball clinics, camps and opportunities for young athletes in San Juan del Sur.