How to have a Great Vacation in San Juan del Sur
and Give Back to the Local Community

Warning: A ‘Vacation with a Purpose’ can be a Life-altering Experience

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Something tells me you’re not interested in the same old tourist experience of hotel and restaurant and beach.

You want something more out of the ordinary.

An experience where you immerse yourself deeply into Nicaraguan culture, see things from a new angle not available to the average tourist and give something back to the local community.

We understand!

There’s no secret that seeing the best of a place is to get off the tourist trail and burrow under its skin.

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Introducing Vacation with a Purpose

Before we get started, let’s talk a little about why we developed the Vacation with a Purpose tour program.

The idea was born from conversations we had with local grass-roots communities about how they could best work with volunteers. We know that many people come to San Juan del Sur wanting to help out in some way. Some drop into voluntary organizations they find in town to see if they can lend a hand, while others bring donations such as school supplies and sports equipment.

These contributions are immensely valuable and greatly appreciated but with a little more preparation and planning, so much more could be done.

Local NGO’s and charities can’t always work effectively with drop-in volunteers because many of their projects require specific needs at specific times rather than ad-hoc support. And volunteers get more out of their volunteering time when their skills and energies are matched with local needs in a more focused and structured way.

We also spent a lot of time analyzing what went into creating a volunteering program that is in line with positive development practices.

With the growing global trend of voluntourism and service travel, there are lessons to be learned internationally.  And when we combined this best practice with what was working locally we ended up with a list of projects that:

  • are focused first and foremost on addressing needs identified by the local community,
  • have been designed to be self-sustaining into the future, and
  • build local capacity, employ local labor and ultimately create the opportunities for lasting impact.

So after over a decade in Nicaragua working with voluntary organizations (including setting up the Casa Llanta Fund, throwing an annual fundraising music festival, and developing a series of educational programs) we decided to create a focused tour called ‘Vacation with a Purpose’ to introduce people to these great local projects and the wonders of volunteering.

Vacation with a Purpose is not a Commonplace Tour

  • You won’t be surveying the country from a distance; you’ll be immersed in Nicaraguan culture, sharing in its stories and future.
  • You won’t be staying on the well-trodden trails; you’ll be forging new paths that normal tourists don’t come across.
  • You won’t just be passing through a place feeling like a walking dollar sign to the locals; you’ll be contributing to the long term development of the San Juan del Sur area.
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Vacation with a Purpose tour details: 7 days, 8 nights, with 5 days of volunteering at 2 different programs.
Also included: Canopy tour, Catamaran tour, Tour to an active volcano, Isletas boat tour.
As well as: all breakfasts and transportation between cities in Nicaragua.
$1386 p.p. based on double occupancy. Fill out this form to learn more.

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Vacation with a Purpose offers a combination of daily outreach and vacation activities. Our local guide and translator from Together Tours will accompany you each day as we plug you into local schools and service projects. By volunteering on your vacation, you can enjoy all that Nicaragua has to offer while making a positive impact on local lives. You’ll be directly connecting your vacation with the sustainable development of San Juan del Sur and its people.  A percentage of all Vacation with a Purpose package proceeds pass directly to a local non-profit called the Casa Llanta Fund.

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