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Taking a Trip to San Juan del Sur? You’ve Got One Chance To Get It Right…

Like all vacation spots, San Juan del Sur has a set of top experiences and archetypical activities that represent the best of the place. The kind of experiences that make you think; "Only in San Juan del Sur."

But unlike more mainstream destinations San Juan del Sur's little touted attractions can be hard to uncover.

So we created a guide showcasing the experiences that only San Juan del Sur can deliver.

We've outlined where to go, when to go, what to do and how to get there … from hotels to restaurants, music to shopping, outdoor adventures and volunteering.

The guide will save you days of trial and error and help you get more from San Juan del Sur from the moment you arrive.

It’s a downloadable eBook and you can have it instantly (with no need for delivery fees) for just $7.99 USD.  Plus we donate 1$ to a local charity for every purchase.

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