What Would My Life Be Like If I Lived Here?

It’s a great question. One that every real estate buyer looking at San Juan del Sur should answer before they purchase.

The good news, is that you’re in the right place.  SanJuandelSur.org is dedicated to answering the question – for both visitors and investors.

Working out whether San Juan del Sur has your right mix of lifestyle attributes is highly subjective. You’ll find the process easier once you develop a clear idea of the kind of lifestyle you desire and what you want to get out of your investment.

That’s the best place to start. Then, once you have some clarity, here are a few lifestyle factors to check off:

  • How far from the international airport do you want to be? Remember driving short distances on pot-holed roads can be more uncomfortable than longer distances on better roads.
  • Is the local area well serviced? Are you a fan of artisan bread, good cheese and fine french wine? Can you do this kind of shopping locally? How far are you willing to drive to get to a well-stocked grocery store?
  • Are you interested in a vibrant expat scene? Are you the type of person who wants to connect locally with other expats at organized events such as book clubs, cooking classes, farmers markets. Do these exist close-by?
  • What kind of amenities are you looking for? Bookshops, schools, churches, spas, yoga centers, fitness facilities, cafes, restaurants … or are just the sun, sand and ocean enough?
  • What’s the local infrastructure like? Are roads being improved, public buildings painted and is the electricity supply trustworthy? How about the internet connection and cell phone coverage? Is the local municipality actively undertaking improvements?
  • Are tourist visitors on the rise? What kind of tourists are visiting? Is this changing? How does tourism affect occupancy rates in hotels and vacation rentals?
  • How much does it cost to live in San Juan del Sur?
  • What are the top neighborhoods on the Pacific coast attracting interest from people interested in living and investing in the region?
  • What’s the place like at different times of the year? Different times of the day?

The best way to get answers to these kinds of question is to sample the lifestyle yourself.  Up-close and in person. Check out the local market, see what’s available in the shops, volunteer at a local charity and join in with community events. Talk to people living and working in the area to build a picture of how the place is evolving and start reviewing properties for sale.

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