Where is Nicaragua, what airlines fly there and do I need a visa?

flights-to-nicaragua-from-usNicaragua is located in the center of Central America, between Costa Rica to the South and Honduras and El Salvador to the North. It borders both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.

Most visitors travel by air, arriving at Managua International Airport (MGA). Major hubs for non-stop travel from the United States are Miami, Atlanta, and Houston. Service is also available, usually with an intermediate stop, from Los Angeles and New York.

You can also reach Managua Airport from Costa Rica, Mexico, Panama and El Salvador and many cities on the South American mainland. Travelers from Europe change at a US hub or travel via Costa Rica, Panama or connections in Latin America.

airlines-flying-to-nicaragua-flightsOn arrival at the airport you will need to pay a US$10 entry fee in cash. Citizens of most countries receive a 90-day tourist visa and the process is generally hassle-free. For a list of countries that require visas head to the website of the Foreign Relations Ministry (Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores).

Passports are stamped on entry and should be valid for at least six months (this may be waived for US citizens, but double check prior to travel.) You are officially required to have an onward ticket, though this is not often checked in Managua. Not having an onward ticket can cause problems when you depart your resident country.

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