Why a sense of belonging is the secret behind Rancho Chilamate’s success

Have you ever been to a place that you instantly clicked with?

A place you felt you somehow belonged.

Great feeling, isn’t it?

Well, here in San Juan del Sur there’s one place that more than any other makes people feel at home.

That place is Rancho Chilamate.

It’s brought so much joy to so many people that I’ve got a big smile on my face as I write this.

Technically it’s a 10 acre horse ranch in the south western corner of Nicaragua.  A ranch with rivers, mountains, forests, haciendas, big skies, beaches and surf-breaks… as well as lots of horses and cowboy hats.

But the attraction of Rancho Chilamate isn’t just about these tangible aspects.

It’s about the atmosphere of the place and its personality. It’s about the smiles of the people you meet when you visit.  It’s about living in relationship with the local community and giving back to it. It’s about Blue, the owner and original cowgirl, and her careful stewardship of the land.

Something in the air, under those big skies, makes you feel at ease.

Talk to people who’ve visited and they’ll rave about epic horseback rides along the beach.

They’ll tell you how they felt thrilled, soothed, pampered, deliriously happy and filled with possibility.

They go back to the ranch again, and again.

Because long after the adrenaline rush has faded they still feel drawn to what Rancho Chilamate represents.

That want to feel like they belong again.

This is how a movement starts

We’re witnessing a beautiful gathering of people who share a love for horses, for Nicaragua and the ocean.

A group of people who have found their natural home.

They’re not just interested in spending a few days at Rancho Chilamate having another amazing vacation experience.

They want to stick around and put down roots.

They want to turn their vacation into a lifestyle.

The Travel Channel is even talking about it:

Pretty epic, right?

Well, if you want to join the movement and share in the joy it’s also entirely possible.

Because right now Blue is developing the next stage of Rancho Chilamate.

She’s building a low-density safari style lodge, restaurant and “cowboy bar”.   And around the lodge she’s releasing a limited selection of 5 to 10 acre homesteads with custom build luxury home packages.

Are you ready to experience it?

OK cowboys and cowgirls, you know what you need to do.

You need to take a horseback ride with Blue.

Click the orange “Contact Seller” button at the top right of this page to set that up.

Who knows? It might just give you the inspiration to finally build the lifestyle you’ve been dreaming about.


  1. I am interested in learning more. Please email me a brochure and info.

  2. Hello Blue! I am Cindie Barlow from Surrey BC. A small group of my Surrey and Delta friends are heading your way on Jan 22 to Feb4, 2017 We are all between 60-70 years old. ( I just turned 60 in body only) Some of us have retired but not me. I am a happy ol travel Agent from Celebration Travel in White Rock.

    I have been riding as a tourist all my life and LOVE to ride on my vacations. My heart was skipping a beat watching some of your sunset ocean ride clips.
    Most of my riding has been in Osoyoos but many in other cities and countries too.

    Save me a saddle, ill be on my way at the end of January, and can hardly wait.